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14th Finance Commission will ease State’s financial stress: Azo

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NPF Phek Division General Conference held at Pfutsero Indoor Stadium


Roads and Bridges and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Kuzholuo (Azo) Nienu has said that the State’s financial position is “poor” probably all because of price rise and inflation that had been enhanced by the 13th Finance Commission.
He said the present situation is like having finished last year’s harvest while this year’s harvest is yet to be carried out. “But, not to worry,” he asserted.He hoped that that the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission which will come into effect from April 2015 will probably ease the State’s financial problem. However, the real fruits would be plucked from December 2015, he added.
The minister made this statement as the main speaker during the general conference of NPF Phek Division held in the indoor stadium at Pfutsero on November 7.
One of the highlights of the occasion was declaration and introduction of newly elected office bearers of the various frontal organizations.
Azo also dwelt on the rumours and allegations of Opposition political parties but he suggested that it would be wiser to ignore such false and/or exaggerated propaganda. However, he said, It would of course be a mistake to say that everything is smooth in DAN III ministry. He said there are always hiccups which can be overcome and added that for in a change of government, some ministers and parliamentary secretaries do get dropped for various reasons.
“Unfortunately, there have been some detractors among the party members due to their vested interests. Yet, the overall the party must be kept stable,” he stressed.
Azo lamented that regional party principles “seem to have been lost or compromised” and such negative attitude does not augur well for the party.
On behalf of all the five legislators of Phek district, the Minister further expressed gratitude to all party functionaries, workers and well-wishers for their support in electing them. Since then all five have been rewarded with responsible portfolios, he said.
The minister further advised all PS and Pas, especially at this time of the year, to cooperate and coordinate the wishes of visitors. They should be hospitable and explain problems, if any, with special regard to party functionaries, workers and well-wishers, he said.
Injecting a note of humour, he said, “or else, we will all have to face the consequences during next election time.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to grace the forthcoming Hornbill Festival in December, Azo added.

3 NCP MLAs disqualified under Tenth Schedule: Speaker

The three NCP MLAS who claimed to have joined BJP were disqualified under provisions of the Tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution and “I intend to stand by my decision”, stated Assembly Speaker Chotisuh Sazo.
In this connection, he said he had met with the Prime Minister, Home Minister and others in New Delhi. The case is now sub-judice.
He also lauded Minister Azo for overseeing overall party activities in Phek district and expressed gratitude to party workers for their cooperation and support enabling the NPF candidate to also win the MP elections to the Lok Sabha.
Having entered politics after yeoman’s service in government, Chotisuh reminded that the “Cock” symbol is permanent along with party principles and aims. Office bearers may change from time to time but they must follow the party’s guidelines and for which he advised the newly elected incumbents accordingly.
The Speaker also told party workers not to be concerned about anti-NPF exaggerated rumours but neither remains complacent. Rather, they must continue to uphold the party principles. In fact, no less than Nagaland BJP leader, Chuba, had advocated cooperation with the ongoing DAN ministry. As such, “there is no dissension within our party” he added.

YITACHU: Speaking on similar lines, School Education Parliamentary Secretary, Yitachu, said that in this second year of the third consecutive term of the DAN ministry “we are having certain (financial) difficulty because of the adverse remarks of the 13th finance commission.” However, not only Nagaland but the adverse report of the 13th finance commission has affected all across the country.
In most other States, government expenditure on employees’ salaries amount to about 35 per cent but in Nagaland it is about 62 per cent on pay alone for its employees. Therefore, it is “a very hard decision” to adjust the salaries by laying off a number of employees out of 1,25,000 in order to follow the 13th finance commission’s guidelines.
Shifting gears but on the same machine, Yitachu reiterated that the Naga People’s Front principles are based on the Naga way of life. The Naga people still hope to achieve their political aspirations of preserving their unique cultural identity and traditions. In any government system anywhere in the world, “Government changes are like the wind which come and go and so the change is like an awakening like the wind.” Therefore, “if we keep intact, it would be an inspiration for generations and generations of Nagas on the theme one party majority as per our party manifesto.”
Yitachu further said “still, to concentrate only on Naga issue is not the main criteria. We have to also concentrate on development issues as well.”

DEO NUKHU: Parliamentary Secretary for higher and technical education, Deo Nukhu, has said that the State government is going through a “most difficult period” what with the parliamentary elections, change of the Chief Minister and fallout plus the political change in New Delhi. Not only in Nagaland but these are difficult times all over the country for whichever political party be concerned.
“Our main aim now is to stabilize development activities vis-à-vis party principles and programmes,” he said. From party Constitution, parent body down to area level organizations the party history must be made aware to the people at large while at the same time, party workers should apprise themselves of the party’s achievements as well as the progress of ongoing works. Unfortunately, Deo lamented that party workers have been somewhat “slack” in this regard.
Elections come and go but no one is to be disheartened on any account. “Any problems(s) or grievances can be discussed and even resolved on any open forum,” he added.

NEIBA KRONU: Much earlier in the conference, Parliamentary Secretary for planning and coordination, Neiba Kronu, said that right after his return from China tour, was happy to be back home.
He observed that Pfutsero, at 7,200 feet above mean sea level, where his own house is located, is the highest town in Nagaland. On a clear day, standing on Glory Peak, one can see Kapamodzu mountain range towards the south-east, Saramati mountain range to the east, and the Himalayan mountain range to the far west. These in addition to 16 (sixteen) villages both east and west dotting the hill ranges.
During the rains, the watershed nature ensures that half the rainfall flow down towards the Chindwin River in North Myanmar adjoining the Naga Hills and the other half flow towards the river Brahmaputra in the west.
Pfutsero and surrounding areas are mainly agricultural and related activities. Unfortunately, poor road conditions continue to plague travelers and communications due to poor works of the BRO which had been entrusted to maintain them.
Under the DAN government headed by Chief Minister, TR Zeliang and supported by NPF Central President Dr Shurhozelie, all five Legislators of Phek have an agenda to further improve the lot of people in all aspects. For this, he has pinned hopes on the favourable recommendations of the 1th finance commission “with better understanding.”
Neiba also reiterated that “despite rumours, NPF government will continue.” He further congratulated the newly elected office bearers of NPF Phek Division. He gave a clarion call to them for their continued cooperation.
Among the prominent office bearers were NPF Phek Division President, Chivotso Nienu for whom this is the fourth tenure, Women’s Wing President Zhonulu on third tenure and Youth Wing President, Morasu Koza. This time the tenure is for five years till 2019. As convenor of nomination committee, Yitachu declared the results. The conference was chaired by Setso Puro, while President of NPF16th Pfutsero A/C Dingulo Khutso tendered the vote of thanks.

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