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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

Yimkhiung community in Chümoukedima celebrates golden jubilee

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2024 9:20 pm
Yimkhiung community
P Bashangmongba Chang and Razouvoto Chatsu along with the officials of Yimkhiung Arihako Chümoukedima during the golden jubilee celebration on January 30.

DIMAPUR — Yimkhiung Arihako Chümoukedima (YAC) celebrated its golden jubilee on January 30 at K4 Venue in Chutsoli Colony, Chümoukedima, with the minister of Housing and Mechanical (NPWD), P Bashangmongba Chang, as the special guest and the president of Angami Public Organisation (APO), Razouvoto Chatsu, as the guest of honour on the theme “Honouring the past, creating the future.”

Speaking at the celebration, Chang called upon the members to honour their leaders and pioneers, who have sacrificed and struggled during the formation of YAC. He added that they should acknowledge and appreciate the leaders.

The minister dwelled on ‘ism and corruption’ which are evil practices prevalent among the Naga society. He stated that ‘ism and corruption’ should be completely eradicated from the society, stated an update from YAC.

He further advised the Yimkhiung community in Chümoukedima to lead the eastern Naga people in particular and the Nagas in general.

On the occasion, Chatsu stated that the Yimkhiung Nagas in Chümoukedima are not new. According to him, Yimkhiung Nagas are the earlier settlers in Chümoukedima right after the birth of Nagaland state.

He informed that when the Government of Nagaland decided to establish the Police department in 1964, Yimkhiung Nagas came from far-flung east Nagaland and joined the police department. He also appreciated the pioneers including late Brig. KM Caming Yimkhiung from Regiment No.1, P Thansphu from Regiment No.2 and some other senior members who started the Police department in Nagaland among Yimkhiung community.

The programme was chaired by Alun L Khiunger and Tsurila Y, while the welcome address was delivered by Kiutsumong, convener of planning committee, and the keynote address was delivered by T Throngkiuba, YAC president.

A special presentation was performed by M Thsurela, choir director of YBBC.

The golden jubilee souvenir was released by the special guest and folk song was presented by Yimkhiung Surale Cultural Society, Chümoukidema.

Short speeches were delivered by president of Western Yimkhiung Hoho, H Akiumong; State Information Commissioner, Kekongchim; SP of NPCW, Muleki; president of Eastern Nagaland People’s Union Chümoukedima, Chemriba Sangtam; president of Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town, Lhousitou Khro; and ZZ Yimchunger on behalf of former YAC presidents.

Folk fusion was presented by Yankiuba, while the vote of thanks was delivered by M Chuba Yimchunger, YAC general secretary, and concluded with a benediction said by Wonglamla, pastor of Yimkhiung Baptist Fellowship, Chümoukedima ‘A’ village.

By EMN Updated: Jan 31, 2024 9:20:01 pm
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