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Security forces reach out to rural people in Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jun 20, 2021 11:18 pm
Beneficiary avails medicines during a medical camp organised by the Assam Rifles at Lalong village on June 19.

Dimapur, June 19 (EMN): Phek battalion of the Assam Rifles saved the lives of two women by donating blood on June 14 and 15.

A defence release stated that two personnel from the battalion donated their blood and saved a woman from Meluri town who had suffered excessive blood loss due to pregnancy complications at District Hospital Phek.

It stated that the lady was in urgent need of A+ve blood which could not be managed by the relatives or by the District Hospital.

In a similar case, three soldiers donated their blood and saved another lady’s life on June 15. It added that both the families and medical staff have thanked the Phek battalion for their act of kindness.

In a separate programme, Jalukie battalion of the Assam Rifles organised a sanitisation drive at Old Chalkot village in Peren district on June 16.

It stated that the troops have sanitised the market shed, frequently visited shops and hotels and the village administrative building to reduce the spread of Covid -19 infections.

During the event, the troops have also emphasised on Covid-19 appropriate behaviour such as use of face masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing among others. The team also distributed face masks and hand sanitizers during the event.

An Assam Rifles personnel sanitises the village administrative building at Old Chalkot village on June 16.

The same battalion, in coordination with the Kuki Mothers’ Association (KNK), Ahthibung region, organised a career counselling programme in Phaijol village on June 17. Similar programme was also organised at New Npai village.

The programme was organised to spread awareness about various job options like entry into women military police, Indian army recruitment, and placements in hotel industry etc. It stated that details of aspirants for various jobs were noted for further documentation and registration.

It stated that a total of 8 girls and 4 boys attended the event at Phaijol, while a total of 4 girls and 13 boys attended the event at New Npai village.

The same battalion also organised door-to-door Covid-19 awareness programme along with women empowerment drive for entry into women military police at Punglwa village on June 19.

It stated the troops, in coordination with village authorities and women society, had educated young girls on the benefits of joining army and further career prospects. It added that details of eligible aspirants were noted down for further registration process.

A total of 15 girls and 23 villagers attended the event.

Further, the same battalion organised a medical camps and Covid-19 campaign in Njauna and Lalong villages on June 18 and 19 June.

Residents of Punglwa village attend the women empowerment-cum-Covid awareness organised by the Assam Rifles on June 19.

The camps were organised with an aim to promote awareness regarding Covid-19 and maintain hygiene and sanitation at all times and also spreading information for recruitment of girls in military police.

Besides the medical check-ups, face masks, hand sanitizers and mosquito repellents were also distributed to the villagers.

It added that a total of 79 persons from Njauna village were benefited at the two-day camp, while a total of 43 persons were benefitted from Lalong village.

Report further stated that the village authorities and residents have thanked the Assam Rifles for organising medical camps.

By EMN Updated: Jun 20, 2021 11:18:36 pm