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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Kohima, Nagaland

PBCC children ministry session-cum-music fest concludes

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2024 9:51 pm
Pesocha Baptist Church Council (PBCC)
Seiyhama BNK presenting a choral piece on Sunday morning during Pesocha Baptist Church Council (PBCC) Nhicuko Krotho general session-cum-music fest in Seiyhama village.

KOHIMA — A three-day 7th general session-cum-music fest of Pesocha Baptist Church Council (PBCC) Nhicuko Krotho (children ministry) culminated at Seiyhama village under Kohima district on Sunday.

The three-day conference was hosted by Seiyhama Baptist Church (SBC) on the theme “Rejoice in the Lord always,” (Philippians 4:4) with the participation of 2102 delegates representing various churches.

On Sunday morning service, Neikiesieü Tsira, pastor of Toulazouma Baptist Church, was the speaker, wherein she exhorted the children to have fellowship in Christ. She also underscored the need to have love as shown by Jesus Christ to love and care for one another.

Highlighting that it is vital to train and practice good deeds, she told the Sunday school children to be disciplined, hardworking in their studies and pay back the good works provided by their parents. Observing the ever changing dynamics of the world with advancement in science and technology, the speaker asked the children to control the gadgets and use them wisely for their benefits.

Stating that life without Christ is miserable, Tsira exhorted the children to lead a godly life and be regular in churches and reading the word of God.

She further pointed out that the end times are near and highlighted the various turns of events happening around. She also told the children to accept Jesus as their lord and personal saviour and prepare to meet him.

The programme was led by Khrieketouzo Haralu, president of PBNK, while Rev. Rüdilhou Rio, pastor of Botsa Baptist Church, said the invocation prayer and Ngusanyü Mezhier, superintendent of Rüsoma BNK, read the scripture.

Hetuo Khrodi, traveling pastor of Pesocha Baptist Church Council, said the offertory prayer, while choral pieces were presented by Chiephobozou BNK and Seiyhama BNK along with a song from Chedema BNK.

Other speakers of the programmes were Azonuo Ciesotsu, director of ABNK; pastor Zakiebeituo, president of ABNK; and Vilhoubeilie Peseyie, vice president of ABNK. Praise and worship was led by Koinonia Baptist Church (KBC).

On January 13 evening, talent show was organised.

During the three-day event, various competitions were also conducted among the participants.

In the memory verse recitation, Tsiesema BNK secured the first position, while Meriema BNK secured the second position.

In choreography, Seiyhama BNK secured the first position, while Nerhema BNK won the second position.

In double quartet singing competition, Naga Bazaar BNK secured the first position, while Chedema BNK secured the second position.

In the choir competition, Chiechama Basa BNK secured the first position, while Chiechama BNK secured the second position.

The first prize for the highest numbers of campers was awarded to Seiyhama Baptist Church and the second prize was awarded to Botsa BNK.

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