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Nagaland government lauds public for their co-operation during lockdown

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2021 10:33 pm

Conveys condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones

Dimapur, June 7 (EMN): The People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) government has lauded the people of Nagaland for their co-operation towards the collective efforts to combat the pandemic through lockdown and thereby help flatten the Covid graph in the state.

The state government imposed lockdown from May 14 to the 21st, before it was extended to May 31st and then till June 11 in an attempt to curb the second wave of Covid-19.

“The maintenance of lockdown and the fight against the Covid-19 disease is not only the government’s responsibility but it is a collective battle all over the world and we appreciate the Naga people for bearing with the inconveniences and making sacrifices for each other’s safety,” read the press release from the PDA.

“Our special appreciation goes to all the frontline workers, especially the medical fraternity who continue to make significant sacrifices round the clock to keep the citizens of the State safe. The PDA also feels blessed and motivated by the contributions of the churches, civil societies, tribal hohos, NGOs and all other sections,” it added.

Responding to criticisms levelled at the government by the Opposition party, it said “constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed, it is unbecoming of responsible parties and senior leaders to simply make wild allegations without any authenticity and made merely to get media attention”.

“The recent statement that mentions ‘starvation war’ is indeed worrisome as it is an action that is inciting public feelings and actions towards possible disorderly acts and chaos in society. Responsible citizens of the State can judge such irresponsible conduct coming from those claiming to be responsible parties and senior leaders,” read the press release.

It stated that the state government has made all possible efforts to ensure that economic activities are not severely hampered during the lockdown by not restricting National Highways, inter-district movements, economic activities, construction works and essential services provided SOP is followed.

It added that home deliveries, courier services, hardware establishments, movement of construction materials, etc. were permitted; government offices and public establishments continue to function to ensure that there are no shortfalls in administration and governance.

The government has made arrangements throughout the state to address any issue of distressed people under the aegis of the District Task Force (DTF), which was established last year with elected members of both the treasury and opposition benches, as well as representatives of civil societies as part of it, stated the press release.

While stating that any concern could have been transparently addressed through the DTFs instead of making unconfirmed allegations, the PDA said it is “deliberately” abstaining from any media confrontation during the pandemic as it “feels that it is irresponsible to instigate a media war for mere publicity”.

“There are forums and avenues to address all concerns and it needs to be highlighted that the PDA government has been performing on a war footing against the pandemic but in a transparent manner. Financial managements and usage of public funds are all available on the websites of the concerned departments and there are also democratic avenues though platforms like RTI,” read the press release.

“While it is the Government’s bounden duty to make its performance and duties transparently known to the people, it is also the responsibility of those questioning to ensure that allegations are substantiated and based on facts. Statements should not be made just for the sake of criticism or for creation of sensationalism, especially at a time like now, when we all need to unite as one to overcome the challenges that we face every hour,” it added.

“The constructive suggestions and highlighting of the challenges by opposition is well appreciated and the concerned government departments are seriously following up on the matters that have been flagged, however the situation demands that responsible parties and senior leaders should conduct themselves accordingly if they are to gain the respect of the masses,” it conrinued.

The PDA also expressed condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic.

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2021 10:33:27 pm
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