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Morung Debate: Team Prove Us Wrong proven right by trophy

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 07, 2019 11:30 pm
team Prove Us Wrong with their Trophy
Members of Prove Us Wrong celebrate with their trophy after winning the first edition of The Morung Debate 2019 on Sept. 7 in Dimapur.

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Dimapur, Sep. 7: Debating teams Team Prove Us Wrong and Astral debated on the topic ‘The Hornbill Festival should discontinue’ in the final of the first edition of The Morung Debate 2019, on September 7 at the Tourist Lodge in Dimapur.

The number of participating teams was narrowed down from 16 to two for the final after a series of fierce competition, including preliminary rounds, quarterfinals and semi-finals. The debate competition began on August 16. The event was for the age group 18-25 years.

Debating with contemplating perspective, team Astral moved the house that the Hornbill Festival should continue. They argued that the ‘festival of festivals’ gives the Nagas a platform to showcase their cultural heritage and that it united the people.

One of the debaters said, “An event like Hornbill festival can be commercialised and at the same time, retain its true essence.”

Exploring the opportunities and its possibilities, team Astral told its opponent that every festival has pros and cons, and for which they argued that it has to do with the perspective of each individual. They moved the case that the festival was a means to preserve one’s culture in the midst of cultural pollution and to gain respect from others.

The team for the motion also added that the festival generates employment opportunities and boosts the local economy.

On the other hand, team Prove Us Wrong strongly opposed the argument made by the treasury bench. The team questioned, “Is the Hornbill Festival able to promote our Naga culture?”

A debater from the team argued that the sacredness of culture was being diverged instead and that “the hornbill festival is a mockery to our culture.”

“It should not be at the expense of diluting our culture and tradition,” said a debater.

After a heated debate, team Prove Us Wrong was declared the winner and walked home richer with INR 50,000, a running trophy and certificates, while the runners-up, Astral, pocketed INR 30,000.

Esther Sonari and Ayimnaro Jamir were adjudged the best speakers. Ground Breakers were declared the most promising team of the event.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 07, 2019 11:30:54 pm
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