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Maram students remember Baby Lungnila on death anniv

By EMN Updated: Nov 04, 2014 12:22 am

Our Correspondent

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aram Students’ Union (MKS) has expressed its profound remembrance to late Baby Lungnila Elizabeth on her 11th Death Anniversary which falls on November 4.
Recalling the incident th at led to the stolen life of then 8 (eight) years old baby who read in Class – III in Little Flower School, Imphal had shocked, brought pains, endless tears to everyone especially mothers and children, piercing every hearts, the students union said the bitter experience and the unpardonable sin in the slaughter of the baby had, later, stood as a sign of ‘forgiveness’ touching hearts of thousands and ‘Bond of Unity’ in condemning the barbaric act cutting across boundaries, religions, ethnic groups, young and old.
“The silencing of the baby is a gloomy reminder that women and children are often the soft targets in the place where they should be safest,” says Pungdi Celestine P in a press release today. “Hundreds of women and children regularly face such social ailments in the form of various atrocities, assault, etc. and their silence and fear of stigma are assumed as weakness by anti-social elements.”The annual anniversary should be a constant reminder to implore the citizens to break from the past of hatred and violence and ensure that these ‘sections’ of vulnerable have every right to live with full dignity and respect,he added.
MKS sincerely pays homage and respect to baby Lungnila who came to earth as a Child and returned heaven as an angel,he said. To carry forward the values of her supreme sacrifice and inspire others with such heart-rending tale, MKS continues to organise Lungnila meritorious awards annually.

By EMN Updated: Nov 04, 2014 12:22:38 am