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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Inpui Students’ Union Delhi celebrates Karing Ngei

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2024 8:49 pm
Inpui Students' Union Delhi
The members of Inpui Students’ Union Delhi during the Karing Ngei celebration in New Delhi on January 12.

DIMAPUR — The Inpui Students’ Union Delhi (Inpui Ningbwan Indung Delhi) celebrated Karing Ngei (Festival of the Living), the biggest celebration of the Inpui (Kabui) Naga tribe, on January 12 at Nehru Park in New Delhi.

According to an update, the festival is celebrated in various Inpui (Kabui) villages and localities throughout Manipur and Nagaland, and it is significant culturally as the premier celebration within the Inpui (Kabui) Naga tribe.

“Historically, this festivity was preceded by Tataak,” the update read, mentioning that it symbolises the farewell to departed souls as the year draws to a close.

Karing Ngei, now a cornerstone of the tribe’s traditions, represents the beginning of the new year, characterised by exuberant enthusiasm and jubilant festivities, according to the statement, adding that the cultural event not only pays homage to ancestral customs but also ushers in a spirit of renewal and communal celebration, embodying the Inpui (Kabui) Naga tribe’s rich heritage and collective delight.

As part of the celebration, the union organised traditional dances, songs, and games such as heitho, tren kaloi, tren saphun, aiphun, sana-nupa, tangan-aan kadai, and others.

Additionally, the event featured various forms of entertainment, such as contemporary song performances, bakiaknu, and a unique competition involving the consumption of lemons and chillies.

The celebration concluded with a blessing prayer, wishing for prosperity in the coming year and the restoration of peace in the state of Manipur.

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2024 8:49:41 pm
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