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Friday, June 21, 2024

Female voters outnumber male during poll at Dzüvürü

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 27, 2023 6:16 pm
Female voters seen in the queue at polling station number – 6 on Monday at Dzüvürü colony in Kohima. (EM Images)

Female voters outnumbered their male counterparts during the poll conducted as part of the Nagaland Assembly election 2023 at Dzüvürü (Poterlane) colony on Monday in the state capital.

The presiding officer manning the polling station number – 6 (Upper Poterlane) informed Eastern Mirror that about 600 (60%) voters turned up to exercise their franchise out of which 332 were female voters and 268 male voters.

Similarly, another presiding officer at polling station number – 7 (Lower Poterlane), informed that out of 412 (58.77%) people who showed up to participate in the election, the number of female voters were 227 against their male counterparts which consisted of 185.

Meanwhile, the presiding officers from both polling stations, informed that the polling event was conducted ‘successfully, peacefully and systematically’ under webcasting without any hassle and that no untoward event was reported.

Alodi Lawrence Neikha, former president of Dzüvürü Youth Organisation, apprised that the poll conducted at the colony has been peaceful so far throughout the years.

Volunteers informed this newspaper that altogether, there are 997 and 725 in the voter’s list at polling station number – 6 and polling station number – 7 respectively.

Dzüvürü is one of the colonies under the 9th Kohima Town Assembly Constituency.

Dr. Neikiesalie Kire of NDPP, Dr. Tseilhoutuo Rhutso of NPP and Meshenlo Kath of Congress are the three candidates contesting in the election from 9th Kohima Town Assembly Constituency.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 27, 2023 6:16:48 pm
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