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Delimitation in-Tribal Milieu

By EMN Updated: Jul 11, 2020 9:31 pm

Tribal thinking especially in a tribal milieu like the state of Nagaland is not the new normal; but the norm. It is an inescapable reality of our day to day lives. If someone belongs to our tribe? Or is related? We somehow feel connected or emphatic. So too if another belongs to another tribal definition then, like it or not there is a certain wariness. The question of loyalty and betrayal too comes in the picture. The fact is also there of course that there is intra- tribe conflict and tensions too. This having been said, perhaps one can perhaps better understand the contentious delimitation issue which is trying to squeeze in a little space in our consciousness! Amid the all pervading corona virus pandemic as is the case in any scenario, the size of the pie in the Nagaland case is also limited. We are thinking beings, but- it would seem that the naga is controlled by his emotions and our emotions are tribal. When our logic is controlled thus, we tend to give leeway to our baser instincts and, primary among the base instincts are greed and selfishness. When one tribe cedes any territory, resource or entitlement to another the we believe that we are thereby at a loss, and the other gains as a result. Thus, if a seat is lost by one tribe and in the process another gains then we believe we lose. Which is true also, and I do not deny the fact but only in the present context and scenario. If the mindset of the Nagas changes then our reality would also change. If we delvelop brotherly feelings, or at least fellow feeling with our brothers and sisters of our fellow tribes then the problem of control and power doesn’t arise. Then, in such a case we all derive solace in each other’s defeat and joy too in each other’s victory. Nagaland is but an ant colony in the jungle that is the world. The bigger animals must be laughing at our antics and infighting. That is, if they have the time! Let us cooperate with one another and build each other. Then, perhaps the world will take notice of our sorry race. Let each get what it deserves.

Edward Lotha

By EMN Updated: Jul 11, 2020 9:31:23 pm