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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Chumoukedima, Nagaland

Child Friendly Dimapur launches campaign on prevention of substance abuse

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2024 11:03 pm
Child Friendly Dimapur
Students and teachers of St. Anthony High School in Tenyiphe-I with AIDA-Child Friendly Dimapur during the launching of campaign on substance abuse prevention on Friday.

DIMAPUR — AIDA-Child Friendly Dimapur launched its 2024 campaign for the children, youth and civil society organisations on substance abuse prevention on the theme ‘Break free: choose health, not harm’ at St. Anthony High School, Tenyiphe-I, on Friday.

The launch, which took place during a capacity building programme, gathered 126 children and educators to focus on creating awareness about the dangers and risks of substance abuse among children and youth, an update stated.

During the campaign briefing, Garrol Lotha, project coordinator of Child Friendly Dimapur, AIDA, outlined the objectives of the campaign – to raise awareness about substance abuse and its effects, while fostering community engagement and active participation in substance abuse prevention.

Garrol shared that the key strategies for the campaign include distribution of educational materials highlighting the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, partnerships with CSOs, schools, and local groups to create networks of support.

The campaign will also organise workshops, school programmes, and community events that promote healthy lifestyles, stress management and peer pressure resistance, and to encourage positive interactions to build community bonds and ensure a safe living environment.

Bokatoli, a counseling psychologist from Serendip Guardians, provided valuable insights on the topic of substance abuse, emphasising the serious negative impact that drug abuse can have on individuals and communities. She also highlighted various aspects of the issue, starting with the harmful effects of drug abuse, which include physical and mental health problems, social and economic issues and strained relationships.

Further, Bokatoli offered practical and effective measures for abstinence, prevention, and recovery from addiction. She stressed on the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and educating individuals, particularly young people, about the risks and consequences of drug use.

The launch event featured special presentation by the Child Rights Club members from St. Anthony High School, launch and release of flyers and posters by the guest speaker.

The programme was moderated by Sr. Jisha Joseph, Children Mobilisation Officer, CFD, AIDA, while Khriezonuo Krose, Child Rights Club leader, proposed vote of thanks.

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2024 11:03:51 pm
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