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Angami students’ union revisits culture

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 23, 2019 11:23 pm
A student walks on bamboo stilts during the Northern Angami Students’ Union’s ‘cultural day’ on Saturday in Kohima.

Our Correspondent

Kohima, Nov. 23 (EMN): The Northern Angami Students’ Union (NASU) conducted a programme marking the group’s ‘cultural day’ on Saturday, November 23 at the Naga Solidarity Park in Kohima. The deputy commissioner of Kohima Gregory Thejawelie addressed the programme.

In his address, Thejawelie said Nagaland is a place of diverse cultures and traditions. He urged the students to use culture as a unifying force. Culture defines the people, he said.

According to the official, cultural vibrancy must be unifying and one that leads to strengthening of bonds for the Naga society.

The deputy commission talked much about various issued. He spoke about all round development and quality education in his urging students to bring change. He talked also about the Rule of Law which he said is meant for the people. He advised them to be law-abiding citizens to enable good governance.

The deputy commissioner also talked about employment opportunities. Thejawelie told the students that there is nothing wrong in looking for government jobs if a person is ready for the competition. ‘The world is so competitive,’ he said advised the students to be consistent and hardworking as it would determine their futures.

That said, the government servant urged the students to explore other avenues. Sincere and determined people will always find ways to live, he said while urging the gathering to give their best effort in all that they do.

The officials talked also about tourism. Stating that the tourism industry in Nagaland is growing, Thejawelie advised the students to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions of the state to attract tourists. He urged the students to revive and practice their culture.

Earlier delivering the keynote address was the union’s president, Thepfuruya Theunuo. He said that the programme was organised to ‘revive the rich traditional heritage and culture’ of the community. He expressed confidence that the event would enlighten the students to understand their roots and identity.

There was also an exhibition in bamboo basket making, weaving, and in how to make banana leaf plates and cups, among other features of the event. Indigenous game competitions were also conducted during the programme.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 23, 2019 11:23:23 pm