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ZPON responds to remark

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2016 1:09 am

Dimapur, June 27 : Attacking ZPO president Kiezen Zeliang for his statement on qualification case of TR Zeliang wherein he stated, “The whole Zeliang community stands behind him……” which was published in media on June 23, Zeliang People’s Organisation Nagaland (ZPON) said, the comments which intended to support his ‘political master’ proved a wrong attempt.

On TR Zeliang’s qualification, ZPON said, “Everyone knows that the issue is subjudiced and for which all sensible people including the Zeliang People’s Organisation Nagaland has been silent on the matter.”

However, ZPON said, “Kiezen Zeliang under the aegis of the organisation he claims to head, which was also created by TR Zeliang with his handpicked individuals on June 21, 2013 against the wish of the native Zeliang people to oppose the existing Zeliang People’s Organisation Nagaland amusingly acted as though to come to the rescue of his political master by his press statement.”
“Contrary to what Keizen Zeliang would be fond of dreaming in his mid-summer night’s dream of 2016 to brace his imagination, not a single sensible Zeliang will think to support a wrong cause let alone the whole community. This is an incredibly ideal opportunity to further clarify, assuming the naive thinking of Kiezen Zeliang’s misconception unless whatever he expressed, as apparent were not of his unshackled opinion when he stated, ‘some political opportunists from the advance tribes are trying to bring down the present Government by making a ‘big’ issue out of a non-issue.’ Divergently, it is far convincing that no rational individual will deviate from the truth to support one that lied to his people and in this context; all Naga tribes are popularly known for our integrity and abhorrence of deception. “

“The Zeliang People’s Organisation Nagaland rather fully supports the concern and effort of the complainant(s) in the matter of T.R. Zeliang’s qualification case if the truth can be, judiciously and without any hindrance unearthed. No individual of any position or political leadership is above the law of the land nor has the right to instigate the community with expectation of supporting a wrong cause and God forbid such nefarious designs last any next moment longer.”

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2016 1:09:40 am