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World AIDS Day calls for intensified awareness

By EMN Updated: Dec 01, 2019 11:46 pm
Members of the Kohima legal services authority and ARK Foundation along with participants at the pre-World AIDS Day observance in Kohima on November 30.

Dimapur, Dec. 1 (EMN): State observed the World AIDS Day on December 1 with a call to intensify awareness among the public to control its spread and fight stigma and discrimination on the theme ‘Communities make the difference.’ Legal awareness programmes on the rights of persons infected with HIV were also organised.

Kohima: Kohima District Legal Services Authority (KDLSA) and ARK Foundation, in collaboration  with “KNP+, NNP+ and HRLN” observed the pre-World AIDS  Day on November 30 at KNP+ office, near NHAK.

Gwabinlo, from ARK Foundation, shared on the significance of the World AIDS Day and highlighted on how the awareness of the disease started around the world.

Lanu, president NNP+,  shared his experiences and how the programme was first initiated for the PLHIVs in the state, while the rights of PLHIV versus state’s obligation was presented by Rokosevito Keyho, advocate from Human Rights Law Network. Keyho also shared about various rights that are being implemented for the PLHIVs under the Indian Constitution.

Vimeno, KDLSA panel lawyer, spoke on different NALSA schemes and highlighted about legal aid and services and encouraged the PLHIV to come forward and speak out for their rights and benefits.

The programme was attended by different stakeholders and PLHIVs.

Members of the Kohima legal services authority and ARK Foundation along with participants at the pre-World AIDS Day observance in Kohima on November 30.

Tuensang: Tuensang district observed the World AIDS Day at CKS hall in Tuensang town with DIG (R/ NAP), Tuensang, Rajashekare, as the guest speaker. The programme was organised by the District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU), in collaboration with the Network of Tuensang District People Living with HIV/AIDS and Tuensang District Legal Services Authority.

Speaking at the programme, Rajashekare remarked that HIV/AIDS can only be transmitted through blood, and insisted creating more awareness to eliminate the disease. He also urged the DAPCU to create more awareness on HIV/AIDs by focussing on students in the colleges.

Kumpilong, judicial magistrate, briefly highlighted on the rights of HIV/AIDS patients under the Indian Constitution of Article-14, Article-15, Article -19, Article-21 and Article-32, Indian Medical Council Act 1956, employment, healthcare services, right to reside and purchase, rent or occupy property.

District scenario was presented by Athisa, DIS DAPCU, and pastor of Tenyimi Church, Sentilo, pronounced a special prayer for the PLHIVs and those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS.

Phek: Phek district observed the World AIDS Day with Sizin Renttah, EAC Phek Sadar, as the guest speaker. The programme was jointly organised by Phek District Aids Program Control Unit (DAPCU), PDLSA and ELF Phek and sponsored by Nagaland State Aids Control Society (NSACS).

Speaking at the programme, Renttah highlighted on the importance of giving sex education and its preventive measures as majority of the patients contracted the virus through sex.

He also spoke on the importance of the role of community towards HIV infected person. He urged the community to protect and respect the rights of HIV infected person as well as to support and involve them in all social activities.

He also challenged the participants to fight together against stigma and discrimination and prevent incident of HIV by creating awareness to the public.

Cheliam Khiamniungan, judicial magistrate and secretary of Phek DLSA, spoke on the rights of HIV infected persons. Referring to the Act, he stated there should be no discrimination against person infected with HIV on ground of treatment, employment, work place, educational institutions, jobs etc.

Mese Letro, president of Network of Phek District People Living with HIV/AIDS and FO AHANa, challenged the gatherings to go for HIV blood test.

Mon: Mon district observed the World AIDS Day jointly organised by Mon district legal services authority (MDLSA), Shansham organisation, Mon Users’ Network and DAPCU at district jail, Mon.

Speaking on the occasion, deputy commissioner, Mon, Thavaseelan K stressed on three major things: awareness, prevention and response. He stated that Nagaland, which is one of the smallest states in the country, ranked 3rd position with the HIV positive people.

Longyim, DPO, urged the gathering not only to observe the day but pledge for life time to end the disease. He also pointed out four purposes of the event and suggested producing more messengers to spread awareness.

Lijao elaborated on HIV and AIDS, while Chingmei, president of MTSU, also spoke on the occasion.

Mokokchung: Mokokchung DLSA observes World AIDS Day, in collaboration with NMP+ with Tajungla Longkumer, panel lawyer as the resource person. Around 40 persons attended the programme.

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