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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Traffic Regulations A Must

By The Editorial Team Updated: Dec 08, 2023 10:51 pm

Considering the visible surge in the number of tragic road accidents of late, especially along the National Highway that passes through Dimapur and Chumoukedima, public should welcome the traffic advisory issued by the Dimapur police for their own safety and for others. Fixing the speed limit at 30-50 km per hour for different stretches of road is the right move, as most road traffic accidents are related to overspeeding and rash driving. However, it is not new. The city police had imposed similar rules in the past on an experimental basis before discontinuing unceremoniously. But why was it discontinued when the police said the cases of road mishaps declined during the implementation period? Was it due to public pressure or due to shortage of police personnel to man the roads? Was it due to lack of enough speed monitoring devices? The law enforcement agency may have its own reasons for rolling back regulations that showed positive results but road mishaps trend in the city points to a need for setting a speed limit after analysing the situation. It will be dangerous to allow people to drive vehicles at high speeds after the temporary traffic advisory implementation period is over. Moreover, switching rules at regular intervals can cause confusion among the people. But then, the speed limit that is currently in place, is also only for a period of one month. So, things will be back to square one starting from New Year’s day.

The Dimapur police have also issued several safety measures, including mandatory use of ISI-graded helmets for two-wheeler riders and seat belts for occupants of four-wheelers, besides prohibiting use of mobile phones while driving, unauthorised retro fitments and installation of after-market devices including tinted glasses, beacon lights, exhaust pipes and pressure horns. In theory, the public appears to have understood the need for these measures for everybody’s safety, but it’s a different story altogether in reality. Many motorbike riders openly hit the streets without wearing helmets, forget about ISI-certified gears, while most travellers on four-wheelers can be seen without using seat belts. The people have no respect for the rule of law and the police do not enforce the rules stringently. So, most rules remain only on paper. The recently issued traffic advisory is also likely to go the same way, as nothing much has moved on the implementation front. It’s time the police execute traffic rules rigorously. The public too should take responsibility and follow regulations for their own safety.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Dec 08, 2023 10:51:37 pm
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