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To Colour the World—Naga style

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2013 10:21 pm

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is with a measure of joy to learn that a young Naga youth has developed what is now believed to be the first Android-based mobile game in the State.
The game called “Colour the World” has been designed and developed by a self-taught “game designer” Liyo Kikon. He is also managing director of local entertainment group Headhunters Entertainment. He has become the first Naga to take a dip into the multi-billion Dollar industry. However he has decided to make the game available for free, s of now.We have numerous qualified Nagas in various fields of endeavour, but the arena of computer technology has generally not been regarded as our forte. However, Lyon Kikon has come with the objective to collect all the colour blocks from each level by solving various physics–based logic puzzles. Released worldwide on the internet, the Android-based game “Colour the World” is an adventure /puzzle game with more than a hundred puzzles, spread across 48 levels and three unique characters with different abilities.
It includes artwork of all the continents and countries, graphics animation software coding and incorporating the physics. Each level is a country environment with its own land marks as its backdrop. Currently, Liyo has released only “Asia.” The rest of the continents would be released eventually. The game can be freely downloaded at
It is learnt that Liyo began his venture by reading e-books and Youtube tutorials on game development. He started playing around with the software required for designing these games. He used pages to draw the stages while the characters were created while using just colour pencils. Then he started to painstakingly develop the software codes and graphics. However, the most challenging aspect was incorporating the physics.
In an encouraging note Liyo has expressed the wish that the younger generation will take up technology in an innovative and positive manner and start using the internet for productive purposes. This would help inspire more wonderful inventions and innovations. This, he hopes would take the Nags to the next level and help us to become a developing society.
While the console and personal computer (PC) gaming industries have been dominated by major franchises, the mobile industry has been a franchise for independent developers and individuals like Liyo to show case their entrepreneurship and ingenuity.
One suggestion here for Liyo is that he MUST immediately set about ensuring that he gets his invention patented. In this world of competitiveness, there are enough second-handers from practically every society who would not hesitate to try and get the patent in theirown names. This is a must, the broadmindedness of sharing freely notwithstanding.
In this connection he may like to look to the example of Hungarian inventor, Erno Rubik who had been struggling as poorly paid professor. But the cube that he invented became an immediate and he became a multi-millionaire in a rigid country like Hungary.

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2013 10:21:50 pm