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‘Science and tech will erase misconceptions about country’

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2019 11:29 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 4 (EMN): People, especially westerners, have the image of India as a land of snake charmers and ‘sadhus’ or Hindu holy men, and such. To truly project the country beyond these perceptions, an official in Mon said during a recent science event, advancement in science and technology are needed.

A science seminar organised by the directorate of School Education with the district education establishment for Mon was conducted on September 3 in the government higher secondary school of Mon. The seminar was on the periodic table of chemical elements, updates stated.

The government publicity agency the department of Information and Public Relations (IPR) gave on Wednesday updates about the seminar.

At the event, the additional deputy commissioner of Mon Hiazu Meru expressed hope that such kinds of programs would ‘instil a sense of scientific knowledge’ in the young and students. ‘So that as they grow up they will have the scientific bent of mind and will be able to judge things rationally,’ he said.

Many historians have written about India as a land of snake charmers and ‘sadhus,’ he said. Things have changed and ‘improved now,’ the officer said. However, to truly project the country beyond these perceptions, he said advancement in science and technology are the need of the hour.

‘India is multidimensional and multicultural country with so many different races, religions, castes etc. These factors are bringing about divisions in our country. Coming to our state, the same thing is happening. Tribalism is still ingrained in our minds,’ Meru said.

‘In this context all of us need to become broadminded, imbibe scientific knowledge and think rationally. In doing so, the divisions in our society will narrow down.’

Emphasizing on the importance of scientific interventions in life and how it has made people’s lives easier in many ways, the officer said ‘Today we can truly say we are living in a global village. At the same time we should also be wary of the dangers of scientific advancements.’

The officer also referred to the current education system where the primary focus has been on securing government jobs. ‘We should think beyond government jobs,’ the government servant said.

Meru was stated to have cited the example of successful people who have used ‘scientific mind’ to create a niche for themselves. He urged the students to broaden their horizon and to think rationally, the IPR stated

A total of 20 students from 18 different schools participated in the event. The first position was bagged by Shongmeth M Konyak from Sacred Heart School. The second position went to Aphot Konyak from Model School, while the third position was secured by Mina Chetri from Green Valley School.

The candidate who secured the first position will be participating in the state level science seminar that is to be conducted on September 11 in Mokokchung, the IPR stated.


By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2019 11:29:57 pm