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SASU 65th general conference underway

By EMN Updated: Jan 25, 2015 12:03 am


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 65th general conference of the Southern Angami Students’ Union (SASU) is underway at Kidima village.
On Saturday, the inaugural session was graced by commissioner & secretary, Rural Development, Viketol Sakhrie as the chief guest.
In his address, the chief guest exhorted students to constantly refresh in their lives and principles – knowing oneself, assessing goals and staying focused.“We are living in a fast changing world and as such we have to know who we are and where we stand today,” he said. He elucidated that Nagas are at the crossroads and the time has come for today’s youth to wake up if they want to survive and compete with others. He called upon them to assess how to live and lay good foundations for the future generations imbibing the valuable qualities passed down from their ancestors and move forward with the changing times.
Sakhrie said the theme of the conference ‘Adapt, Improvise, Achieve’ is an important tenet for survival as whatever difficult situation one may face in his/her live, it is necessary for that person to adapt himself with the situation, improvise what is available and strive to progress. Only then will he be able to achieve his goals, he stated.
“At this juncture, we have to learn how to set our own goals and strive to achieve them,” he reiterated. He cited that the tools of the modern world were not invented in one day but that it took letdown, improvisation, diligence and determination to be shaped into what they are today. Even the countries which we call super nations are where they are today as they have applied similar principles, he asserted and urged upon the students to try and take these principles seriously and be inspired. “If you are determined enough, nobody will stop you from becoming what you aspire to be,” he stated.
He also advised students to reserve themselves from inclinations towards politics. He observed that politics will go on but as students, they only have to give support to their leaders where and whenever it is needed. Sakhrie also asked the students not to depend or expect too much from the government but rather to think what they can do for the government so as to bring about good governance. He encouraged the youth to assess on how to live and progress in life, armed with education and the wisdom to choose right from wrong.
He further called upon all student bodies to help and guide one another by inculcating Christian principles. “If you learn how to reconcile with God, reconcile with yourself and with your society then nothing could go wrong,” he said.
Besides SASU members, a host officials and representatives from the Naga Students’ Federation, Angami Students’ Union and its units, Southern Angami Public Organization, Southern Angami Board of Trustee, Southern Angami Gazetted Officers’ Krotho and others attended the programme.
On Sunday, a gospel service will be held at 10 am wherein NEICRC mission director outreach, Rev. Neivotso Neikha will be the main speaker while the valedictory session of the conference will be held at 4.30 p.m. with retired joint director Veterinary & AH, Dr. Vilhousa Seleyi as the guest of honour.

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