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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Phangmei Yanlem Konyak

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Feb 17, 2022 11:00 pm
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Phangmei Yanlem Konyak has enraptured listeners with her unique and powerful voice.    No stranger to the stage, Konyak has been performing since she was in the second grade and she has now garnered a wider audience with her YouTube channel and specifically her tribute video to the Konyak brothers that were killed in December last.

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Eastern Mirror: Can you introduce yourself to our readers and share your musical journey so far?

Phangmei yanlem: Hello everyone!  This is Phangmei Yanlem Konyak. Currently doing my bachelor’s in economics from St Joseph’s College autonomous (Jakhama). We are a family of five, me and my two elder sisters.

So basically I started singing when I was  very little but I started performing on stage when I was in my 2nd standard at events organised by our institution and church. And gradually I was invited to sing on shows like Dr T Ao tournament, Mr Mon and weddings. Then later I participated in a solo competition organised by TaFMA in the year 2019 and got the runners up position. From then on I really got to build my confidence and could finally come out of my comfort zone regardless of my flaws and incapabilities.

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Eastern Mirror: Your recent cover song “One day”, a tribute to the Konyak Brothers who were killed in December last year, received good traction and positive feedback. What was the idea/thought behind the performance?

Phangmei Yanlem: As an artiste the least that we can do to deliver certain messages is through songs and so during that situation, my siblings Honli Yanlem and Litoung Yanlem, suggested that I release a song paying tribute to the beloved Konyak brothers. Then I chose this song assuming it will best suit the current situation and likewise turned out just as assumed, positively.

Eastern Mirror: You mostly do cover songs. Any original song in the offing?

Phangmei Yanlem: Yes, I am currently working on a new song.

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Eastern Mirror:  How was the experience working with your sisters Litoung and Honli Yanlem in “The old Man sighed”?

Phangmei Yanlem:  My experience while working with my sisters on the song “the old man sighed” has been an astoundingly amazing one. We always sang together as a trio since we were little and a lot of people suggested that we release an original song together and that is how we decided to make one.

Eastern mirror:  Have you faced any roadblocks during your musical journey?

Phangmei Yanlem:  As a musician we face a lot of complications such as financial constraints to make good music and inadequate/lack of platforms or exposure.

Eastern mirror:  Who influences you the most as a musician?

Phangmei Yanlem: I don’t really have any specific Individual who influences me but it has always been life’s challenges that pushes me to sing and to improve myself as an artist.

Eastern mirror:  Are you concentrating on only one genre of music or are you open to experimentation? 

Phangmei Yanlem: I am open to all genres. I have no specific liking in any genre.

Regardless of how hard the song may be, I give my very best to try all genres and I enjoy experimenting with all genres.

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Eastern mirror: How did you spend your time during the pandemic?

Phangmei Yanlem: This pandemic has been a great journey for my musical career. Because of the excess availability of leisure time, my family suggested that I open a YouTube channel of my own to upload my music. Then I opened my channel during the first phase of the pandemic and my first song that I uploaded in my channel was a complete raw recording that I did at home. I was awestruck by the positive feedback and immense support from all my well wishers and I am forever grateful for that.

Then on, I started making song at various studios in order to strive for better music for my channel. My family has always been my biggest support system and a lot of people indeed helped me in the progress of making my channel a better one each day.

Eastern Mirror: Do you have any other interest and passions besides music?

Phangmei Yanlem: I want to get into the field of mass communication besides my passion as an artist.

Eastern Mirror: Any interesting project in the pipeline?

Phangmei Yanlem: Yes, I am currently working on a project. You’ll get to know it soon.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Feb 17, 2022 11:00:42 pm
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