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Rate of migration from villages to towns rapidly increasing — Zeliang

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: May 03, 2022 6:45 pm
The new Zeliangrongram gate which was inaugurated by TR Zeliang in Dimapur on Tuesday.

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Dimapur, May 3 (EMN):
Chairman of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) TR Zeliang on Tuesday said that the rate of migration from villages to towns was rapidly increasing in the state, and expressed fear about losing “our unique culture”.

He was speaking during the inauguration of Zeliangrongram Colony welcome gate on Tuesday at Dimapur.

He opined that many people, after settling down in towns, give less importance to festivals and cultures. Zeliang thus urged the youths to learn about their own culture while the elders were still alive so that they can take it forward to the next generations.

He reminded that if one does not preserve land, history, culture and traditions, ‘invaders will remove us’ and make it their own history.

“We should not dilute our history but pass it down from generation to generation”, he added.

TR Zeliang, inaugurating the welcome gate of Zeliangrongram Colony, in the presence of YM Yollow, and other officials in Dimapur on Tuesday.

Further, he stressed on the brotherhood of Zeliangs, stating that even if they are separated by artificial boundaries, they must work together and respect each other.

He also acknowledged the concerned officials for changing the nomenclature to Zeliangrongram, saying that “Ram” means where the Zeliang people live.

YM Yollow, Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, also opined that his tribe — the Konyaks — as well as the Zeliangs were unfortunate because many of them were in other states due to artificial boundaries; and the Konyaks had ‘even bigger issues because of international boundary with Myanmar’.

He also urged the people to focus more on good education as well as moral strength.

The Head GB Namsinlung, briefed the gathering on the history of Zeliangrongram colony;

He said that the village was established and settled in around 1940. Thereafter, the government of Assam under the administration of British India, and SJ Duncan, the then deputy commissioner of Naga Hills under Assam province, recognised it as Kabul Basti, presently known as Zeliangrongram colony.

The village was initially known as Tangnazeilong (Kabui Basti) Dhobinala Nagaland as per the first settlers of the village from 1940 till 1971.

“After settlement of our brother Zemei and Liangmei, the name of our village nomenclature was changed to Zeliangrong village, Dhobinala Dimapur, Nagaland in 1971. Zeliangrong Ram colony Dimapur nomenclature was changed as per the government of Nagaland Office date Kohima, February 2013, for Municipal Council. Accordingly the Zeliangrong village changed to Zeliangrongram colony on April 23, 2022,” he added.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: May 03, 2022 6:45:13 pm