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Pfutseromi village and Lhisemia khel celebrate 100 years of friendship

By EMN Updated: Apr 28, 2022 10:09 pm
Pfutseromi village and Lhisemia khel Copy
Leaders of Pfutseromi village and Lhisemia Khel of Kohima village pose for a photograph after unveiling the monolith of 100 years friendship in Puftseromi village on April 27.

Dimapur, April 28 (EMN): Residents of Pfutseromi village in Phek district and Lhisemia Khel of Kohima village have reaffirmed and renewed their bonding on the occasion of 100 years anniversary celebration of ‘friendship,’ which their forefathers have planted.

The centenary friendship celebration was held on the theme “Reviving and reaffirming the age old century friendship” hosted by Pfutseromi village under Pfutsero sub-division in Phek district on April 27.

Speaking on the occasion, the chairman of Lhisemia Khel council, Ayie Yhome, has reaffirmed to continue the hundred years of bonding and strengthened it for generations to come. Dwelling on the theme, he asserted that it was not just about getting together or merry making through feasting but they should support and help each other in the years to come by upholding one another through prayers.

He further stressed on the need to pass on the beautiful bonding to the younger generations.

Also speaking on the occasion, the chairman of Pfutseromi village council, Lhiwepelo Ritse, asserted that the renewed friendship should continue even in the days to come. He added that Pfutseromi and Lhisemia would continue to uphold the age-old friendship and remained as a family.

NPF president and former chief minister, Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, has lauded the efforts of the two communities for standing firm to the age-old friendship and coming together to take it forward and pass it on to the younger generation.

Maintaining that peace and unity is the need of the hour among the Nagas in general, Dr. Liezietsu expressed hope that the friendship between the Lhisemia and Pfutseromi would set a new trend for other Naga tribes and villages to follow suit.

“Nagas are progressing in many aspects but the society lacks oneness and understanding, and during such a situation the coming together of the two big villages will send a strong message to the Nagas in general to stand together,” he said.

Former minister, Tseivilie Miachieo, has termed as a ‘memorable day’ and lauded the elders of the two villages for reinvigorating brotherhood in particular and Tenyimia in general.

“Today we are celebrating 100 years of friendship in the midst of many divisions among the Nagas owing to our obsession for wealth and power,” he said and hoped that the celebration would be a step in the restoration of Nagas’ past glory as one people and one nation.  

IGP Nagaland, Zekotso Mero, has called upon the two villages to strengthen the relationship and continue respecting each other.

Sharing a brief history, Wepretso Mero stated that Tsosielie and Kruneizhü, both government servants and visionary leaders from Lhisemia clan of Kohima village, while performing their official duties in 1922 reached Pfutseromi village and met Theyiekamvü Ngachu, GB (Zhiekemvü Ngachu), who was also a powerful GB. It was then that Ngachu had proposed to have an inter-village traditional community friendship feast for maintenance of cordial and special friendship.

“Their talks and decisions eventually passed to both Lhisemia clan leaders and members and Pfutseromi villagers while both sides agreed and accordingly they carried out an inter-village traditional community friendship feast in 1922 at Pfutseromi village and Kohima village in 1925,”Mero said. On the occasion, songs were presented by Pfutseromi village and Lhisemia Mechü Krotho, while a folk dance was presented by Pfutseromi village, and secretarial report was presented by secretary of the core committee, Mengukhrietuo Marcus Dzüvichü. Exchange of pleasantries and community feast marked the occasion.

By EMN Updated: Apr 28, 2022 10:09:34 pm
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