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Peren students want Bangladeshi nationals out

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2015 10:16 pm

Dimapur, February 16

Another students’ organization has rallied a call to the people of Nagaland to stand up against the growing menace posed by Bangladeshi nationals in the state, warning that the foreigners will soon reduce the native people to the level of servility in both social and economic spheres. The All Nchangram Students’ Union of Peren district issued a statement on Monday expressing support for the anti-immigrants group, Survival Nagaland, as well as calling for concerted action to rid the state of the malady.
The union extended full support and cooperation to the movement against Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants as initiated by Survival Nagaland and Naga Students’ Federation.
“It is worth noting that Survival Nagaland has initiated the much needed movement against the IBIs settling in Nagaland doing brisk business using illegal documents of Indian citizenship. At the same time touring of various districts by NSF will help a great deal in creating awareness amongst the ignorant Nagas about IBIs taking over our economy and creating law and order problem,” the organization stated.
The All Nchangram Students’ Union is of the view that, “if we all do not rise up to the occasion now, it will not be too long to see the day when our livelihood, land, economy and everything will be overtaken by the swarming IBIs which is already happening in Dimapur.”
The organization has also expressed concern that Bangladeshi nationals have now even started ‘trickling’ in to Peren district, especially in Jalukie town, from Dimapur.
“We are also very much concern about the commercial hub of Peren district, i.e., Jalukie town where the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have started to trickle in from Dimapur. Therefore it is our humble request to all the bodies of civil societies under Peren district to start identifying the IBIs and deport them before Jalukie becomes the second Dimapur for them, thereby overtaking our livelihood and land,” the All Nchangram Students Union stated.
The union has assured that it would ‘stand strong against this menace in any days to come’ both ‘in principle and in action’ and extend ‘fullest support and cooperation to whichever organization is involved in this movement.’
“Once again, we fully endorse and affirm our support towards the team of Survival Nagaland and Naga Students’ Federation in leading our people to remove Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants from Nagaland completely,” the union stated. The press release was appended by the union’s president Dithui Newmai and general secretary Plamdibo Nchang.

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2015 10:16:50 pm