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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Shri. S Keoshu

The  Hon’ble MLA

58  A/C Shamato-Chessore

Nagaland: Kohima

Sub:       OPEN LETTER


                With astute acknowledgement, I salute you for undertaking various developmental initiatives in our constituency with your own investment even before you were elected unopposed as an MLA of our constituency in last bye-election. Now it is imperative that you being well-grounded and also the custodian of our constituency you SHALL not leave any stone unturned developmental activities in our constituency. As a fellow candidate, I sincerely aspire that you would judiciously implement the schemes taken up under LADP and DUDA 2021-2022 whereby under your able leadership it is anticipated that you would direct the contractors who are allotted with the work orders to execute the works as per the DPR or otherwise may direct the concerned authorities to blacklist non-functional firms.

It is noteworthy that we always blame the successive governments for not developing our areas but if we don’t judiciously utilised whatever little available resources at hand then our cry for help would not be validated and thereby the hitherto decry for lack of equality in terms of development shall not be ratified.

Therefore, in the greater interest of area development in our constituency your are hereby requested to direct the Director, DUDA , DC Tuensang, DC Shamator and SDO (C) Chessore for necessary action. This is in the sheer interest of community development and for the ends of justice.

With regards,


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