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Style Spot: In conversation with Ongtiong Kichu

By EMN Updated: Apr 05, 2016 11:57 pm

Ongtiong Kichu’s passion for designing began at the young age of 14 and his desire for creating complex and sophisticated designs has made him the prodigy he is today. He credits his unceasing passion for fashion as giving himthe courage to live his dream.
Ongtiong’spieces are a blend of contemporary design with tribal patterns.

EASTERN MIRROR: You started designing at an early age. What drew you towards fashion and the first piece that you created?
Ongtiong Kichu: Fashion to me is a gift from God.From a very young age I was an artistic person, I loved to sketch and that was when in realized I had potential and the passion for designing. During my teenage years, I used to pick up clothes from secondhand market and would modify them into something of my own funky style while experimenting on myself. After graduating in Arts from Dimapur Govt. College, I pursued my designing course from NEITCO,Guwahati. The first piece I created was from my very own Ao traditional Shawl and Mekhela, blended with modern fashion.EASTERN MIRROR: What do you love most about what you do?
Ongtiong Kichu: I love the way a piece of fabric when given a shape and dimension can be transformed into anything from a sleek skirt to poufy dress. From the very basic of silhouettes to the most intricate and complex constructions, they all depend on how well the fabric is cut and stitched.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the concepts that most interest you?
Ongtiong Kichu: I am obsessed with the revival of indigenous crafts,handlooms,textiles and art I try to incorporate them in my work. I thinka fusion of traditional and contemporary is need to stay relevant and appeal to the new generation wearing them. I believe that giving something a contemporary twist can really change how the world looks at it.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you try to express through your designs? Tell us your personal style statement.
Ongtiong Kichu: I believe in being comfortable .You should be and feel comfortable in what you wear .I like being understated and elegant. I like clean lines and attention to details and like to mix and match my outfits.Some of my clothes are high- Street and some couture.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you find the most challenging part about working in the fashion industry especially in Nagaland? What changes/ development would you like to see?
Ongtiong Kichu: In today’s scenario, there is no dearth of talent here in Nagaland. There are so many talented upcoming designers but people here mostly opt for renowned brand labels and imported clothing. As you all know, here generally everywhere in Northeast, people are fascinated with the western trend and less interested in ethnic fashion except for social gatherings and festivals which is a setback for the starters. Many forms of fashion can be contributed to the off shore marketsfrom our region, rich in cultural and traditional heritage. Hope , our people would change their outlook toward fashion and encourage our local designers by going for our ethnic wear along with apparels and accessories.

EASTERN MIRROR: Any upcoming projects?
Ongtiong Kichu: I believe that we can do so much more with our traditional texture, so as to exhibit our culture through fashion, keeping it alive with acceptable forms of designs.My next Project will be held in June at Itanagar(NEIFW).

By EMN Updated: Apr 05, 2016 11:57:52 pm
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