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Official blames shortage of critical HIV drugs on supplier

By Our Correspondent Updated: Oct 29, 2018 11:51 pm

Our Correspondent

Kohima, Oct. 29 (EMN): The People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) community in Dimapur continues to face shortage of essential Antiretroviral (ART) drugs—Atazanavir and Ritonavir—meant for those in the regime of second-line ART.

Even as the supply of the essential drugs reportedly ran out on Oct. 23, sources informed Eastern Mirror, that the drugs have reached Dimapur ART centre only this evening, Oct. 29, but in very limited quantity of 10 boxes. The allocated drugs were arranged again from Kohima ART centre’s quota, which have to be issued to those in regime for a five-day supply only.

It was informed that as the PLHIV community in Dimapur came to collect their doses, they have to be turned away—and some reportedly refused to go away, sitting at the ART centre waiting for the drugs to arrive.

Eastern Mirror had earlier reported that essential drugs in Dimapur ART centre had ran out of supply on Oct. 1. Subsequently, 30 boxes were allocated from Kohima ART centre’s quota on Oct. 12 that lasted till Oct. 23.

When enquired about the continuous shortage of essential drugs, Dr. Ngangshimeren, the project director of NSACS said the consignment from Central Medical Services Society (CMSS) Guwahati will reach on Oct. 30.

He also said that well before running out of stock, NSACS had written to CMSS Guwahati, the supplier to the entire Northeast region, on Sep. 20 which was also endorsed by NACO. A reminder was sent again on Oct. 8.

The delay in the delivery of the drugs, he said is not from NACO or NSACS but from the end of CMSS, and expressed dissatisfaction with the services of CMSS.

When pointed out the high chances developing drug resistance among those in the regime of second-line ART, Ngangshimeren said, ‘yes, we are also very much concerned about that’ and added that they will try to work out the ‘lacunae in the present system of delivery and supply of drugs.’

Meanwhile, it was informed that due to continuous shortage of drugs, the PLHIV community is planning ‘something’ to show their collective resentment.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Oct 29, 2018 11:51:40 pm
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