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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Nagaland’s Leginino Yhoshü cultivates success with ‘Root on Roof’ farming venture

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Apr 11, 2024 11:44 pm
Leginino Yhoshü
The Root on Roof farm.

KOHIMA — Leginino Yhoshü, a 28-year-old graduate in agriculture, embarked on a farming venture during the COVID-induced lockdown period. Following her studies and internship, she initiated a small-scale farming project named ‘Root on Roof’ atop her residence in the state capital.

Originally experimenting with tomato cultivation in boxes, she has since gone on to specialise in year-round production of salad greens despite facing challenges such as heavy monsoon rains and limited water supply during the dry season.

Despite obstacles, she successfully commercialised her farm, supplying fresh produce to various customers, including family, friends, cafes, and restaurants. Her daily routine involves managing nursery beds, conducting transplantations, overseeing irrigation, maintaining crops, and harvesting produce. Additionally, she tends to a flock of chickens for egg production and occasionally engages in mushroom cultivation.

In a conversation with Eastern Mirror, Yhoshü recalled that she was initially set on pursuing an MBBS degree but regular visits to the family farm ignited her interest in agriculture. She was also interested in owning a sausage factory and it motivated her to investigate institutes that offered agricultural programmes, and she eventually ended up completing BSc in agriculture.

Leginino Yhoshü
Leginino Yhoshü at her rooftop garden in Kohima

She credited her parents for their support and mentorship from her aunt, Lucy Ngullie, the proprietor of a dragon fruit farm, from whom she procured seedlings and equipment in 2019 and initiated groundwork for her farm

Reflecting on her two-month internship at Happy Vegi in Vietnam, Yhoshü said that the experience was packed with rigorous activities and helped her understand the importance of hard work.

She also gained insights into commercial farming practices, including the utilisation of machinery to enhance efficiency and the importance of effective marketing strategies.

“Overall, the internship provided me with practical experience and confidence to pursue my own agricultural endeavours,” she said.

Further, she said that the COVID-19 was a ‘blessing in disguise’ as the travel restrictions during the pandemic period compelled her to remain in Kohima and that resulted in the creation of Root on Roof.

According to Yhoshü, she spends approximately 10 to 12 hours daily to do tasks in the garden and also manages orders for home deliveries and shops, meticulously packing vegetables and eggs for distribution.

Leginino Yhoshü
A hamper featuring products from Root on Roof. (EM Images)

Though the work is labour-intensive, she expressed her goal to motivate individuals to cultivate their own organic vegetables, thereby reducing reliance on imports. I want to showcase the feasibility of rooftop gardening, and motivate others to do the same, she said, adding that, “increasing green spaces through rooftop gardening would greatly benefit the community and the environment.”

In contemplating the future of Root on Roof and her agricultural pursuits, Yhoshü reflected on her recent initiative of hosting interns from local government schools. She found the experience fulfilling as about a dozen students spent 80 hours interning at her farm.

“I hope to continue offering such internships to students and individuals interested in learning about farming and gardening,” she said, while adding that this year, she will be training some school teachers and conducting sessions at various schools to educate students about farming.

“”My ultimate goal is to extend knowledge and skills in farming to anyone interested, and my farm is always open for hands-on learning experiences,” Yhoshü said.

Interested individuals can visit her rooftop garden located atop the Old Vineyard School building at Mohon Khola, in Kohima, during working hours. She also maintains an Instagram account, Root_On_Roof, to provide updates on her farming activities.

Leginino Yhoshü
Leginino Yhoshü

Additionally, she also manages an integrated farm situated in Rüzaphema in Chümoukedima. There, they rear and animals including chickens for eggs, meat, and manure, alongside cultivating vegetables.

In line with her dedication, she also manages an integrated farm situated in Rüzaphema in Chümoukedima, where they rear and animals including chickens for eggs, meat, and manure, alongside cultivating vegetables, alongside fruits like dragon fruits, mangoes, and papayas.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Apr 11, 2024 11:44:54 pm
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