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Monday, May 20, 2024

Nagaland celebrates World Veterinary Day

By EMN Updated: Apr 27, 2024 9:11 pm

DIMAPUR — World Veterinary Day was celebrated across the state on Saturday on the theme “Veterinarians are essential health workers,” with an aim of recognising the crucial role of veterinarians in safeguarding the interconnected health of animals, humans, and the environment.

Medziphema: In Medziphema, the event was organised at the Veterinary Field Assistant Training Institute (VFATI), by the Nagaland Veterinarians Association (NVA) and sponsored by the department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Service.

Speaking on the occasion, the ADC, James Swu appreciated the veterinarians’ role in contributing to animal and human welfare. The NVA president, Dr. KN Zubemo Humtsoe, highlighted the diverse responsibilities of veterinarians in areas like food safety, combating zoonotic diseases, and promoting public health, according to a DIPR report.

Kohima: In Kohima, during the commemoration of the day at Veterinary Hospital Kohima, the chief veterinary officer, Dr. Ilang, emphasised the veterinarians’ roles in food security, ecological balance, biomedical research, and economic development.

Ilang urged the government to reinstate the department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services as an essential services department.

Tuensang: In Tuensang, Dr. Aojongshi Chang, FM, SCRC, highlighted the importance of the day in recognising veterinarians’ contributions to healthcare and promoting public health during a programme held at the CVO office.

He stated that veterinarians help prevent and treat illnesses in animals, improving the economy, livestock breeds, and human health.

Wokha: Wokha district also observed the day at Veterinary Hospital, Wokha, with SDO  Nuhuta Tunyi congratulating the veterinary department for their valuable service.

Dr. Yanben Kikon, VAS, stressed the pivotal role of veterinarians in global health and the importance of the department being inducted under essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kiphire: In Kiphire, Dr. Tsulise, district livestock development officer, emphasised the multi-disciplinary roles of veterinarians in caring for animals and human wellbeing.

At a programme held at Veterinary Hospital, Kiphire, he informed that the requirement of livestock for Kiphire district is 4,000 tonnes, whereas meat availability, especially pork, is only 2,000 tonnes, and encouraged households to rear piglets.

Zunheboto: Zunheboto district celebrated the day by conducting a free anti-rabies vaccination and an animal health camp at North Point Colony, benefiting 35 farmers and vaccinating 126 animals against rabies.

Phek: Phek district observed the day at Jericho Colony Hall, with presentations on public health, zoonosis, and rabies prevention and control.

Longleng: Longleng district held an interface meeting at Veterinary Hospital, Longleng, with representatives from various departments, including the Longleng Town Council, KVK, Medical, and Forest departments.

Discussions on the occasion highlighted the importance of the ‘one health’ concept and the role of veterinarians in restraint, capture, transport of wild animals, and community programmes.

By EMN Updated: Apr 27, 2024 9:11:47 pm
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