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Live to the full

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 9:28 pm

Fr. T.O.  Sebastian

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]iving to the full means, living to your full capacity. Now-a-days people call it maximizing life. It is getting the maximum out of your life by exploring and developing all your talents and capacities and putting them to the maximum utility. It has also a horizontal dimension. You also empower those around you in the society to maximize their lives. The one who wants to maximize life, will never say “no” when confronted with difficulties. For him there is no situation that goes unchallenged. He takes the bull by the horn. He steps out of the limiting beliefs.He does not heckle under unreasonable restrictions. He is even ready to walk the untroden path. He has a dream and he does not rest till his dream is fulfilled. He has an impossible idea but with him the impossible becomes possible. Drawing from his own experiences and rich potential he makes a road map for himself and achieves it. His success inspires his colleagues and collaborators sending a wave of enthusiasm and energy in the rest of the people around. His personal success creates a multiple effect. This is the maximization effect and the true nature of genuine leadership.A sixteen year old young girl like MalalaYousafzai who braves the might of the gun can bring about a big change towards the women education in Pakistan. In India we have another sixteen year old boy Prithvi who makes ripples on the cricket field. Both are mere youths who are making history for themselves. They are deliberately and consciously making efforts towards the achievement of their desired goals. No amount of opposition or challenges can subdue their human spirit. They have the enthusiasm energy and passion to take life head on. They have to disregard accepted norms and defy the existing practices in order push their way up the ladder.
One who wants to maximize life must do things differently. Think out of the box, find new solutions easier and more efficient, for the old problems. Maximization means unleashing your true potential, to bring about the maximum possible out put you can. When you are living at the maximum, you will find that you are continuously being confronted with immense possibilities. Your upward movement becomes not only a gratification for yourself, it becomes a rallying point for many to come together and join the upward journey to success, well-being and prosperity.
Now it is left to each individual to create his own destiny, live up to it and leave a legacy behind. You can be just an ordinary individual who came into this world, lived an ordinary life and passed away from this life like one among the millions, making no significant effect on the society. You can also be, on the other hand, one of those meaningful, specific and significant persons who impacted on the society and made a significant contribution to the society thus leaving behind a legacy of your own for posterity.

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