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Kohima Village emerges overall champion

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2015 9:59 pm

Principal Correspondent
Kohima, January 24

Kohima Village or NASA-A today emerged as the overall champions of the three-day long 56th Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) Games & Sports Meet held at Khouchiezie (Kohima Local Ground).
NASA-A bagged 13 each gold & Silver with 6 bronze medals to top event in Athletics followed by NASA-C with 5 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze were second.During the three day event which commenced on January 22, Menuokhrielie Solo of NASA-A with 4 gold medals emerged as men’s individual champion while Dzviüchünuo Rutsa and Vilobeinuo Miachieo also of NASA-A with three gold each were placed joint women’s individual champion in athletics.
The event also witnessed Khrielasakuo Keretsü of NASA-A set a new record in Discuss throw measuring 33.24m to beat the old record of 32.57m in 2009 held by Kedilelhou Belho of NASA-A.
In games NASA-C bagged the champions position in both men and women volleyball and football. NASA-C comprises of 12 villages grouped into 10 teams viz: Nerhe Model, Tsiese Basa, Chüziema, Zhadima, Meriema, Phekerkriema, Viphoma, Zhadima, Tsiesema and Nerhema.
NASA-A were placed second in football while NASA-D bagged the second position in both men’s and women’s volleyball. NASA-D comprises of 11 villages Botsa, Seiyhama, Chiechama, Touphema, Gariphema, Gariphe Basa, Tsiemekhuma, Teichüma, Seiyha Phesha, Tsiemekhu Basa and Nachama. NASA-B comprises of Chedema, Rüsoma, Dihoma and Kijümetouma.
In men’s volleyball, Thepfuvilie Yhor and Thejavizo Yhor, both of NASA-C were adjudged best setter and best spiker award while Neibanuo Chietsü and Medonuo Khrodi, both of NASA-C were best setter and best spiker in women’s category.
In football, Mhasibeituo Yhome of NASA-A received special individual recognition for scoring the only hat-trick of the meet.
Advisor Angami Public Organization Keneingunyü Sekhose graced the valedictory function as guest of honour and gave away the awards to the winners.
NASA general secretary Kho-u Metha announced the list of selected individuals to represent NASA in the ensuing Angami Sports Association ASA games and sports meet scheduled for first week of February. Information & publicity secretary Kechangulie Kense tendered the vote of thanks while Thepfukha-o Chüpuo offered the benediction. The valedictory function was compered by Xavier Rutsa and Rükravolie Rüktavolie Rülho.
NASA-A 13 13 6 32
NASA-C 5 4 6 15
NASA-B 4 4 7 15
NASA-D 1 2 3

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