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“Infuse” band from Mkg to perform at mega Intl’ H’bill Rock contest

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2013 12:37 am

AS the annual Hornbill Rock contest gets better and bigger, the once ‘Land of fashion and Music’ will also be represented by the upcoming and talented ‘Infuse Band’ who after months of grooming and performing at the yearlong ‘Rock Reign’ event organized by the Cosmos Entertainment Inc. won the coveted title on November 5, 2013. Started with a deep sense of promoting upcoming rock musicians in the town, Rock Reign, which is an ingenious concept of the Cosmos Entertainment Inc, has molded amateur rock bands into professional bands and have went on to make a mark in the music arena in the state.
“This is the most exciting journey of the Rock Reign so far,” said Bendang Walling of CSI, “our dreams of keeping the rock music alive in the veins of the young musicians is finally coming to a reality.”
His colleague, Wati Imchen (front man of the renowned band Squadron) gave special thanks to the Music Task Force (MTF), Government of Nagaland for making the second edition of the Rock Reign 2.13 a grand success.
“We are grateful to the MTF (Music Task Force) for their moral and logistical support. Our venture, our dreams wouldn’t have materialized if the Music Task Force didn’t extend their help to us. It’s not only our dreams, but also the dreams of the thousands of young upcoming rock singers in the society; the help by MTF is making their dreams a reality. The fact that the winner of Rock Reign 2.13 is going to represent Mokokchung is a great honor, and all thanks to the MTF,” said Wati Imchen.
It is worth mentioning that the lead Guitarist of Infuse, Arenlong has won the National Guitar competition recently held at Dimapur.
While the church remains as the biggest platform for singers to mold and showcase their talents, Rock Reign event has definitely given the aspiring singers a touch of professionalism since they get to perform in the stage in front of audiences every month. Not only that, the musicians and the band managers are also given lessons on stage performances and band management so that they can become better performers in the days to come.
So, come this December, as bands from around the world compete for the coveted title of International Rock Festival at Kohima, there would be a touch of Mokokchung with the Infuse Band rocking away for the love of music, and all for the pride of Mokokchung and of course, Nagaland.

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2013 12:37:20 am