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ILP is Toothless Without RIIN: Do Not Sabotage RIIN for Vested Interests

By EMN Updated: Jul 17, 2019 11:51 pm

Those who sabotage RIIN ILP today will not be forgiven by history tomorrow.

RIIN without ILP is purposeless and ILP without RIIN is meaningless.

Please understand that the normal ILP (With exception of tourist ILP) can only be issued to non-locals by a local “Guarantor” who should be an indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland. So tell me how can we issue ILP when there is no registry/database of indigenous inhabitants such as RIIN? If we continue ILP without RIIN then ILP will continue to remain a toothless mechanism where illegal immigrants will continue to pour in through the giant corrupted hole and disrupt the entire demography of our indigenous people. This is the basic fundamental fact is something which everybody must first understand before jumping into assumptions and conclusions.

As a concerned youth of Nagaland, let me make it loud and clear before you sabotage the most critical effort in our history that one should be extremely cautious and use all of God’s wisdom by thinking beyond political interest and personal interest and to think only in the interest of our people! All our elders who have been entrusted to run our state for the past 50 years must know that, it has been painful and a disappointment to see most of our elders whose job was to take our people forward and develop this state were mostly consumed with selfishness, corruption, VIP first and public last culture, nepotism and tribalism during your time.

The concept of RIIN and Online ILP system design is based on the latest technology which will be equivalent to the VISA system which exists in developed countries. We have has come this far due to the cries & the effort of the younger generation to secure our future! So once again I appeal to all our elders – Please do not sabotage this effort for you will not be forgiven by history!

Most of the apprehension being raised by various organisations on why not to RIIN has neither factual or logical explanations to disapprove RIIN implementation. The only reasonable debate on the issue is with regards to who is indigenous and who is not. This can also be resolved by referring back to the earlier Government notification and by introducing the domicile category in RIIN ILP system.

To those who say that we can proceed without RIIN

So you support the thousands of fake indigenous certificates sold to all non-indigenous non-locals including IBIs for the greed of money during your generation to remain as it is and not be revoked and cancelled? If so then you support those non indigenous who with corrupted fake indigenous certificates to continue and take away our JEE/MBBS seats and all the other rights and privileges which we Nagas are losing out to others every passing year?

It is now or never to immediately carry out a fresh exercise to review all the indigenous certificates and rights associated with it which were bought with money so that all indigenous certificates issued prior to July 2019 be declared null and void and carry out an entirely fresh exercise if we are serious! We the youths are ready to sacrifice small inconveniences for this! Our respected elders should not take a lazy route out of an issue of such a paramount historical importance which can even make our people extinct in the near future unless tackled today!

We Nagas are used to a laid back and easy going working culture by saying “kaalikuribo..” no wonder 50 years have passed and we are still in relaxing mode and our state seem to be going backward instead of progressing ahead! Working 8 hours in a day with the aim to verify at least 100 people within a village is an achievable target which in 90 days can help verify 8000 people. This is simply how the rest of the world works and we find it a hurry because we are not used to this kind of hard working culture based on achievable timelines and deadlines! Welcome to the new age! Kaalikarnenarukhibo, ajipariatuajikuribo! Only then we can catch up with our neighbouring states, the country and the world. And we must work towards this even without sleeping because this is the ultimate sacrifice for our Naga people!

RIIN is necessary! Without RIIN database ILP becomes a toothless mechanism because only indigenous inhabitants can become guarantors to issue ILP. The modalities already exists and the types of ILP’s to be issued, Process of Issuance, Guarantor management, QR code based Online validation of ILP from the server wherein all parameters including validity of ILP, Alerts to police and ILP holder on expiry, Renewal etc are in place based on the latest technology. The only debatable issue is on the Government to decide on who is indigenous and who is not. This debate need to be resolved by factoring in the domicile category (including adopted and orphans) along with the earlier notification videNO.AR-8/8/76: Kohima, the 28th April, 1977 so that non-Naga genuine citizens who settled before statehood are not marginalised.

By any means we need to have a database of indigenous inhabitants or else our identity will be diluted and corrupted. Our next generation will become minority in our own land unless we all unite beyond our small minded political interests, selfish interests and egos for the cause of securing the future of our people without discriminating or marginalizing non-indigenous who settled in the state prior to statehood! Without RIIN ILP system, mark my words, our Naga identity will be extinct within the next few generations, so all our elders who are taking crucial decisions for youths like me today, do not sabotage this today for history will not forgive you tomorrow!

(This is a personal view and note that I work for nobody but for my people. Thus in the interest of the public, It doesn’t concern me at all about whether NPG or Govt. or any political organization point their finger at me because I do not work for money nor for personal interest but for my people and speaking from my own mind and heart to ensure that this historical intiative is not sabotaged by any person or group with apprehensive assumptions or vested interest.)

Yanpvuo Kikon

By EMN Updated: Jul 17, 2019 11:51:57 pm