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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Honour Beyond Honorific

By The Editorial Team Updated: Dec 13, 2017 12:16 am

The political circus that has been played out in the state since 2014 has not failed to amuse and entertain with the latest flip flop by the legislators of the ruling party. For some it has become a matter of utter frustration to watch their leaders indulge in such bickering to stay in power that cynicism has started to creep in. In the current tenure of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, the guile that is displayed by the legislators may even put to shame the legendary Chanakya.

The somewhat Naga version of Machiavellianism, of deceit and cunning, being played out in statecraft since the first Nagaland Legislative Assembly continues to take the main stage. Lack of ideology and guiding doctrines has been a major feature of all the political parties in the state. Pragmatism in politics with less ideological basis often termed as realpolitik also no doubt has objectives. In Nagaland the only pragmatism is to stay in power purely for the sake of staying in power. In the current tenure, going by the words of the legislators, the Naga political issue, always united them bringing about a reshuffle. However, portfolio distribution and prospects for next elections always divided them. The most dangerous outcome being the devaluing of the Naga issue in the face of the public.

The unique scenario of electoral politics in the state with the tribal equation also forces the lawmakers to somehow stay in power to sustain the very expensive election campaigns. A plump portfolio therefore becomes a necessity and also welcomed by the electorates in many cases. However, beyond all these realities lies a thin line that Naga leaders should not cross. All is not fair in politics, at least in this age, although it is misconstrued. Moreover, for the Nagas there is an honour attached to one’s conduct that when crossed is not easily forgiven by the public. As is the case in the country all elected representatives are given title of Honourable or Hon’ble when in office. With elections knocking, do the Naga legislators in the state have any honour left in them beyond the honorific?

By The Editorial Team Updated: Dec 13, 2017 12:16:25 am