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Factor that helped Kejriwal’s broom

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2015 10:28 pm

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any analysts and political commentators have listed the factors that helped propel the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to a new height and script its record victory. Those commentators touched more on the ‘good strategies’ adopted by Arvind Kejriwal’s party during the poll canvass and shied away from mentioning one good reason. Some of them did touch the point but an element of hesitation was noticed in their comments because of the obvious.One mistake of the BJP was its failure to feel the pulse of the Delhiites accurately. The Delhi poll came when the saffron party was riding the pride-wave high on cloud nine (waves that came from the states where Hindutva sentiment was strong). It mistook those waves as nation-wide phenomenon.
The fact is—Delhi is not Gujarat. Delhi is neither Uttar Pradesh. Delhiites are more modern and broader in their outlook. Their worldview is no longer confined in a cocoon. It is indeed a metropolitan city. They are for moderation. They walk on moderate path. They are not one people who can be hoodwinked with gimmicks and propaganda. The Delhiites are not to be told what ought to be done by them and what they shouldn’t. They take care of themselves well. Today, they have demonstrated before the world how to show the door to the people who are against modernity and evolving society.
Now, many people have realized that Modi Wave is in fact Saffron Wave.
Soon after the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government under Narendra Modi took over the baton RSS, VHP and their sister organizations have become very vocal.
See these:
(a)The talks of building a Ram temple in the controversial site of Ayodhya have become more pronounced today.

(b)The drills of RSS cadres are more visible after the NDA under Mr Modi took over the Kursi.
(c)The so called Ghar Wapsi episodes have pained the people. Not only the non-Hindus but majority of the Hindus too is against such Ghar Wapsi. In fact, the intensive mobility of the RSS and the VHP has been killing the BJP.

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2015 10:28:44 pm