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Dalai Lama calls for dialogues to solve problems of violence

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2014 10:14 pm

Guwahati, February 2

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama today called for dialogues with a sense of concern at all levels for solving the problems of violence in the world.
“Just saying we want peace is not enough. But the causes of violence should be solved through dialogue. Try to solve local problems keeping in mind solutions to global problems”, the Dalai Lama said while delivering the First LBS Founders’ Commemorative Lecture on ‘A Human Approach to Peace and the Individual’ here.
“If local problems are not solved keeping in mind solutions to global problems, the violence will erupt. The use of force will get unexpected consequences. Use of force today is outdated”, he told a huge gathering of Tibetan refugees and others at the Nehru Stadium.Referring to conflicts and wars across the world, the Tibetan spiritual leader said, “the motivation for wars may be good but when the method is not good they have unexpected consequences. That is why we must educate people on non-violence at all level”.
“Non-violence method, however, cannot have one sided victory and one sided defeat. Then confrontation will come leading to violence”, he pointed out.
“With this belief we (Tibet) are not seeking independence from China”, the Tibetan spiritual leader said.
“Look at the European Union. The people there are more mature and think according to reality. Their partners earlier fought each other. But now they developed the idea about EU …very practical”, he said.
“I tell my African fiends that their future depends on unity. North and South America can also solve their problems through human ways”, he said.
“I often tell people that the 20th century is really a very wonderful special century in the sense of scientific and economic development. At the same time a very violent century”, the Dalai Lama said.
“There is violence here and there also in the beginning of the 21st century. They are the results of past disagreements.Since violence never solves problems, this 21st century should be a century of dialogues. A sense of concern of the others well being and problems will solve problems”, he said.
“In the ancient times when we were physically isolated from each other affecting our way of life, every one thought only of themselves or their country. That is out of date now. Today the global economy has made countries come close to each other,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said.
“Reality is that the old-fashioned way of thinking is out dated. Reality must change. Emphasis on we and them has to change. Otherwise exploitation, bullying, violence, killings and wars will continue”, the Dalai Lama said.
“In the name of faith there is killing in Syria and some countries in Africa. Why? Because there is too much emphasis on concentration on We, They and Me”, he claimed.
“The self-centred attitude against human beings has to change. The seven billion people of the earth must have a sense of well being for the entire humanity and a sense of concern for the environment”, he said.
“Think about building a happy society. Try to be friends with different neighbours. Today’s enemy can be tomorrow’s friend. With that motivation think more how to solve problems”, he exhorted. Stating he was for inclusion of secular ethics in secular education, the Dalai Lama said, “during the last few years an experiment, mainly in USA, Switzerland and now Meerut is being done for adoption in the school curriculum”.
“I think the education system should change. Material development is very necessary but internal development similarly is very important”, he pointed out.

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