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Continue legacy of community-driven conservation, says Kikheto

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Nov 03, 2023 10:43 pm
Y Kikheto Sema
Y Kikheto Sema, Forest officials and others during the release of a report by the Wildlife Institute of India in Kohima, on Friday. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — Commissioner and Secretary, Department of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (DEFCC), Kikheto Sema, on Friday called for efforts to continue the legacy of the community-driven conservation in Nagaland.

Addressing the commemoration programme of ‘Ten years of Amur Falcon conservation in Nagaland’ at the conference hall, Office of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) and Head of the Forest Force (HoFF), in Kohima, the officer made a clarion call to ensure that Nagaland remains a haven for the Amur falcon, the responsibility taken up by the state more than a decade ago to protect one of the world’s most remarkable avian wonders.

Marvelling at the Amur falcons which undertake one of the longest journey by any raptor, covering an astounding 22,000 km annually, he said that their voyage, spanning from the breeding grounds in Asia to the southern reaches of Africa, includes a marathon non-stop day and night flight of over 4,000 km across the Arabian Sea, is truly amazing.

He said that earlier, reports of large-scale hunting of Amur falcons in different parts of Nagaland, used to make the headlines, but the narrative changed after efforts made by various stakeholders who declared zero-hunting of the majestic raptors.

Pointing out that the state’s conservation success drew attention both at the national and international levels, Kikheto reminded that Nagaland was declared as the ‘Falcon capital of the world’ on November 6, 2013 after a team of international ornithologists recorded around one million winged guests roosting in the Doyang-Pangti area.

The bureaucrat acknowledged the efforts made by the NGOs, churches and the department in conserving forest and wildlife.

On the occasion, Kikheto also released the Nagaland state poster of State of India’s Bird report, State of India’s Birds 2023 and a report by Wildlife Institute of India titled “Understanding the Amur Falcon – Their stopover sites in Nagaland and their migratory routes for better Conservation planning”.

An overview of Amur falcon conservation was presented by Vedpal Singh, Additional PCCF and CWLW, while Suman WM Sivachar, DFO Wokha Forest Division and Doyang Plantation Division, presented a ‘Ten year Amur falcon conservation story’.

Dharmendra Prakash, PCCF and HOFF, who led the programme, in his concluding remarks, emphasised the need for strategic planning and efforts to conserve the migratory bird, saying that the idea of natural resources conservation will never succeed if the people are not involved.

Meanwhile, Dr. R Suresh, Scientist F, Wildlife Institute of India, who has been involved in the conservation of Amur falcon for the past 10 years, said the conservation of the bird is “not site specification but landscape conservation” that needs the support of the whole community in the region. He also viewed that understanding the nature of the bird is crucial to take actions.

Community representatives and NGOs, who also spoke on the occasion, assured to fully extend co-operation for conservation of the Amur falcon.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Nov 03, 2023 10:43:14 pm
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