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Benefit of Theological Education: A Personal Reflection

By EMN Updated: Apr 15, 2021 11:33 pm

When I first joined a theological college, my personal agendas were ‘self-revival and self-transformation’. Walking through, my heart is exposed and launched to a new perception of understanding God’s mission as mission of God (Missio Dei). It has opened my eyes to expand my focus from self-centeredness to attention of God-centeredness. My outlooks are heightened to see greater need of people including prevailing issues and need in economic elevation, political healing,

My concern now is that mission priority needs to transcend into individual, community and social circles balanced with the foundational principles from the Scripture and its theology. Theology reflects the importance of evangelical participation in human struggle. With a renewed understanding on philosophical and contemporary queries in a frame of cultural context, I am deeply instilled with compassion for lost souls, as God is relentlessly working to save the sinners.

We need a theological college with mission oriented training, which is unique and relevant for today’s context. Its curriculum should design to train men and women for Christian mission. Students should be provided with ample opportunity through academic exercise and inspiring activities to fully equip ourselves with skills and knowledge required in mission work.

I am thankful to God for this overhaul in my life that shaped my theological and missiological perspectives, when I joined the United College of Theology and Missions (UCTM) in 2018 to pursue Master of Divinity. The passion imparted through education has generated a comprehensive view of mission and theology with skills, knowledge and character for my journey ahead. God bless you!

J. Mashunmi,
M. Div Graduate,
United College of Theology & Mission

By EMN Updated: Apr 15, 2021 11:33:51 pm
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