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Saturday, May 25, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

Assisi Higher Secondary School celebrates ‘parents’ day’

By EMN Updated: May 08, 2024 9:23 pm
Assisi Higher Secondary School
Children performing during the parents’ day celebration at Assisi Auditorium in Dimapur on May 4.

DIMAPUR — The Assisi Higher Secondary School, evening section, celebrated ‘parents’ day’, acknowledging the vital role parents play in shaping the lives of their children and the institution itself, on May 4 at the Assisi Auditorium in Dimapur.

According to a press release, management, staff, sisters, and students gathered to honour the love, endless sacrifices, and invaluable guidance provided by parents. From serving as the first teachers to being lifelong mentors and role models, parents lay the groundwork for values that guide their children through life’s journey, it said.

The chief guest, Mhalo Humstoi, ADC of Dimapur, conveyed her delight in witnessing the children’s performances and the dedication of the teachers. She commended the management and teachers for their commitment to serving the underprivileged in society, offering them a platform to showcase their latent talents.

By EMN Updated: May 08, 2024 9:23:14 pm
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