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Angami Students’ Union raises alarm over appointments, education in Nagaland

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Sep 26, 2023 12:55 am
Angami Students’ Union raises alarm over appointments, education in Nagaland
Khriesamhalie David Mere and others during the press at its office in Kohima on Monday. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — The office of the Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has received complaints that bureaucrats and politicians have been trying to make appointments by depriving the indigenous peoples of their rights.

The ASU president Khriesamhalie David Mere made the allegation at a press conference held on Monday at the union’s office in Kohima, during which he also mentioned that the union had undertaken an educational drive.

Thejalhoukho Thomas Khawakhrie, vice president; Vimeyiekho Vitso, general secretary; Asato Paphino, secretary education; and Seyielhousa Keyho, secretary literature, were also present.

Mere maintained that ASU shall not tolerate such cases and has appealed that the government not entertain them.

Khawakhrie mentioned that the union has submitted a representation to the chief secretary for redressal of recruitment to Grade IV posts in district offices under its jurisdiction, reiterating the government’s notification that appointments to Grade IV posts in district offices shall be filled by the respective indigenous inhabitants of the district only.

He maintained that ASU issued a press release on June 15, 2023, and that the representation was made on July 7, 2023; however, with no response from the government, ASU had reinstated its stand to the government to uphold indigenous rights and government order.

Vitso said the union also apprised concerned authorities and departments not to continue such practices and appealed to the indigenous people to be vigilant on the matter.

He added that if the government fails, ASU will go to any length to ensure justice for the people.

He claimed that ASU has received input, that many appointments were made in the backdrop of the government’s office memorandum, and that ASU is gathering the information. He noted that when the necessary inputs are gathered, it will take the measures needed to restore the rights of its people.

The officials informed that they had received complaints about the Road and Bridges, Housing, and Mechanical departments, among others, for which the union has written to the engineer-in-chief outlining ASU’s stand.

Teacher shortages despite 10000 surplus

Meanwhile, the ASU president has appreciated the initiatives taken by the Advisor of School Education and SCERT, Dr. Kekhrielhoulie Yhome.

Mere declared ASU’s zero tolerance for proxy teachers, zero tolerance for teacher attachments to politicians, and has appealed to all those involved to voluntarily separate from the same, as well as zero tolerance for transfer with post.

Asato Paphino, Secretary of Education, informed that the new team of ASU had undertaken an educational drive in its jurisdiction from June to July with the intention of having a ground-zero report that aims to foster quality education, assess the facilities in educational institutions, and take issues up with the concerned department.

She maintained that the ASU had surveyed 70% of the educational institutions under its jurisdiction and discovered some discrepancies, and that the union would be submitting its findings to the department of School Education in due course.

Paphino mentioned that there were shortages of school uniforms and that those that were delivered were too small for the students. She also spoke of a lack of staff quarters to house teachers who came from outside, as well as a lack of classrooms.

The student leader also pointed out that there are reportedly 10,000 excess teachers, yet she lamented that, as some teachers are not in their places of posting, other teachers have to take up their subjects too.

Tenyidie as optional subject in schools

Referring to the UDISE report, Vitso stated that Nagaland has 1939 government schools and 18,000 teachers, with more than 10,000 surplus teachers, but that of the 70% of ASU jurisdictions surveyed, there are about 114 teacher shortages.

He urged the department and the state government to take action, noting that ASU has not set a deadline but believes that the issues should be addressed collectively.

Vitso stated that with the implementation of the choice based credit system (CBCS) and the NEP 2020, there is a greater need for teachers in higher education and urged the Higher Education department to thoroughly assess the need for teachers and recruit them through open advertisement.

Asserting that the NEP is in place with a three-language formula, he underscored the importance of Modern Indian Language (MIL) and appealed to the concerned department to introduce Tenyidie as an optional subject in all the schools that serve the community.

He also pointed out that in schools where Tenyidie is offered as a subject, there are no Tenyidie subject teachers, and he called for immediate attention to address this issue.

The ASU has also urged all school management committees and village councils to be cautious and refrain from issuing NOCs when teachers request transfer with post because the schools suffer as a result.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Sep 26, 2023 12:55:50 am
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