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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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An Appeal to Voters

By EMN Updated: Apr 15, 2024 10:40 pm

Dear Naga Brother’s & Sister’s in Christ, I would like to take  this opportunity to appeal to all our voters in Nagaland in general and the Kohima district in particular  to take a few minutes and  give thought to this earnest appeal for your conscience and  action. You are well aware that 18th Parliamentary elections (Lok Sabha) are around the corner. The NDPP-BJP alliance   has taken our state which is opposition-less as a foregone result in favour of them. However, I would like to ask each citizen to give careful thought to the following points.

1. The NDPP is an ally of the BJP means husband and wife. It follows the dictates and policies of the BJP.

2. The BJP has the Hindutva agenda to make India not a secular country but a Hindu nation.

3. We are already seeing on a daily basis how minorities are being targeted and harassed in this country. How our churches are being burnt, our Christian brothers and sisters are being tortured and being forced   to do things against their will.

4. These same leaders have been harassing Christians even in our neighbouring state of Assam and Manipur. These same leaders will now target our Christian state using every trick in the book to control and change us. Our greed has helped.

5. Our very identity as Christians and Nagas are at stake. Our very survival as a nation of distinct  people and culture are at stake.

6. Many of our Naga leaders have joined the BJP party because of the desire for quick riches and not because they agree with the BJP ideology.

7. We have seen in the recent past how the BJP government has used all its agencies (CBI, ED, Income taxes etc) to silence any opposition. This has included Christian leaders whose crime was that they have been working tirelessly and selflessly for the downtrodden.

8. If the BJP was so against corruption, why has it not cracked down on all the corrupt politicians and Government officers in our state. We all know what is going on in our state.

9. You can make a change. Use your vote to speak out against this ideology that threatens our very existence as the NAGA people and this nation of India as a secular country.

Remember voting for the NNDP is voting for the BJP. Vote for the congress candidate and show your voice to Delhi. Vote with your conscience.  

Seyivilie  Sachü

EX-INC Candidate 11 Northern Angami II AC & Secretary NPCC

By EMN Updated: Apr 15, 2024 10:40:30 pm
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