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Saturday, April 20, 2024

69th Naga Republic Day Message of the Kedallo, Federal Government of Nagaland. Eno. Namrikiu Zeliang on the 22nd March 2024

By EMN Updated: Mar 21, 2024 11:59 pm

Dear Countrymen,

I am privileged to bring national greetings to you on behalf of the Federal Government of Nagaland and on my own behalf on this auspicious historic national day.

On this very day in 1956, the Republic of Nagaland was declared by forming the Federal Government of Nagaland bringing under one administrative roof the then Honking Government of Eastern Nagaland and the main Naga National Council. It was precipitated by the Lakhuti Resolution of the 27th April 1955.

Naga Independence was declared on the 14th Aug 1947 by the NNC. There was no separate National Government nor a standing National Army at that time. The Naga Youth Movement under the NNC played the key role of the Army and national Intelligence agency.

Due to the increasing repressive action of Indian Security Force, the Naga Safe Guard was proclaimed in 1956 and changed to Naga Home Guard in 1958 to defend our national against foreign invasion. It became the Naga National Army on the 3rd Jan 1964.

The holocaust by India on the Nagas was the order of the day at that period of time and become worse day by day.

The puppet state Government of Nagaland was declared by India on the 1st Dec 1963 which materialised through the 16 points agreement signed by the GOI and the so called Naga Peoples Convention that was purely the machination of the Indian Intelligence Bureau it was hatched by SM Dutt in Assam Rifles Camp at Kohima in 1959, the NNC had nothing to do with all those developments.

Attempting at every possible and conceivable means but failing to contain the Naga National Movement, GOI signed the Bilateral Cease fire Agreement with the Federal Government of Nagaland on the 6thsept 1964. The 6 Rounds Peace talks between the GOI and the FGN was deadlocked and the Ceasefire was unilaterally abrogated by India on the 31st Aug 1972. And another chapter of the reign of terror was unleashed and prevailed in Nagaland till the signing of the infamous Shillong Accord of 1975.

Taking the accord as the footstool, fragmentation in Naga movement started through the divide and rule policy of India. India attempts for a solution in her favour according to her plans but it is eluding her up to date. The true and final solution can only materialise on the basis of Right and not might.

The ongoing talks with the so called Naga Political Groups which India coined cannot yield any lasting solution. It is merely a time prolonging exercise which India plays and is not addressing Naga Sovereignty issue. The will of our people is the final factor to determine whether you and I are a Naga or a different alien people.

It is by the grace of God that all along the 77 years of Naga national journey, the NNC/ FGN remains steadfast and ever uphold the sovereignty of our nation and the freedom of our people to be truly free from the interference of outsiders.

Today I am happy to announce to you that our national government is functioning smoothly at home and abroad. We are grateful to friendly neighbouring nations and organisations that understand and share with our cause and willing to recognise our national right as a distinct identity in the comity of nations.

In the present circumstances it had become more compelling for our people to fully organise ourselves to be more competent and prepared to face any forth Coming eventuality throughout all the regions in Nagaland.

Life of an individual begins and ends but the right of our people ever lives to transcend history. Let our people be true Nagas in words and deeds to bear and uphold our national right.

As we embark upon another year of Naga nationalism, the yoke of responsibility and the national door is ever open for each and everyone to serve our nation by joining forces in the mainstream. Rise up Nagas and be a true Naga.

“God bless Naga Republic”


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