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Monday, March 04, 2024
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62nd Phesama Youth Organisation sports meet underway

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 05, 2024 9:29 pm
Phesama Youth Organisation
Champion Mhaneikholie Kuotsu (hand raised), alongside other winners, PYO and match officials, after the intense Naga wrestling competition on Friday at Phesama. (EM Images)

PHESAMA — Seikhama Khel’s Mhaneikholie Kuotsu emerged as the champion in the Naga wrestling segment of the 62nd Phesama Youth Organisation (PYO) Sports Meet, which commenced on Friday.

In a closely contested match held at Phesama’s local ground, Kuotsu secured the title by defeating Neithongulie Kuotsu. Both wrestlers, belonging to the same clan, showcased their skills after navigating through previous rounds to reach the gripping final.

Ketoulhou Mejura claimed the third position in the Naga wrestling category by defeating Thejasevo Mejura, both representing Makhuma Khel.

In the men’s tug of war, Merama Khel claimed the championship title, with Viyiema Khel securing the runner-up position.

Meanwhile, in the women’s category, Seikhama Khel clinched the championship title, and Viyiema Khel secured the runner-up position.

A combined team from Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA) and Southern Angami Youth Organisation (SAYO) emerged victorious in an exhibition tug-of-war match against PYO executives.

Visevo Zashümo and Teisovisie Kuotsu served as the main referees in the wrestling segment, while various officials assisted in both wrestling and tug-of-war competitions throughout the day.

Thejanguzo Zashümo, an executive member of PYO, shared that participants from the four khels of Phesama – Merama, Seikhama, Makhuma, and Viyiema – are actively engaging in the two-day sports meet.

Dzüvichüto Khale, senior automobile engineer of Nagaland State Transport, graced the sports meet as the special guest, delivering an encouraging address.

The inaugural and flag hoisting ceremony was led by Vikepelie Mejura, vice president of PYO.

Vizokho Zashümo delivered the presidential address, Khrielhoubei Kar presented a special number, and the sports committee administered the oath-taking.

The two-day sports meet will culminate with volleyball matches for both men and women on Saturday. The fixtures anticipate a spirited competition, with teams from Merama, Seikhama, Makhuma, and Viyiema khels vying for victory in the league matches.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jan 05, 2024 9:29:17 pm
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