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In conversation with Rewati Chetri

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2015 11:38 pm

The pride of the Northeast, Rewati Chetri is the talk of the showbiz industry since she won the titles Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia at the Femina Miss India 2015 contest.
Since then she has been busy doing shows, making public appearances sharing the stage with renowned celebrities of the showbiz industry.
Even with so much fame and fortune, she has not forgotten her roots and lives by her morality. Rewati’s fans have a reason to get excited as ‘Style Spot’ has a candid interview all about her life!

EASTERN MIRROR: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
REWATI CHETRI: If I don’t say Femina Miss India 2015 was my biggest career highlight, neither you nor the readers will believe. Frankly speaking the top 10 finalist yes was a big achievement but bigger was the titles that I won. Miss India Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia are bigger as it is people’s blessings.Miss India Organisation the organisers of Femina Miss India internet gathered reports that I was the most followed, liked, shared, downloaded and talked Miss India finalist and my facebook engagement was twice my nearest contestant. My each facebook posts were viewed by more than 5000 accounts and maximum was over 55000. Out of the 21 contestants I got the highest number of votes (more than 70% of total votes cast) through WeChat application which the Miss India Oganisation said were in lakhs. Thus I won the public mandated subtitles- Miss India Reliance Digital Miss Multimedia and We Chat Miss Popular besides being the Top 10 finalist of fbb Femina Miss India 2015.

EASTERN MIRROR: Northeasterners have distinct features compared with the mainland Indians. Do you think this act as a snag for Northeast people to fit in the showbiz world?
REWATI CHETRI: I would not say No but My opinion is achievements are not measured on region, community or language but the people make it so happen, many a times media makes it. In my case Haflong Girl, North East Daughter, Axom Xontaan (Assam’s Daughter), Gorkha Girl etc reflects peoples emotional and regional support and sentiments. It is indeed a reflection of their love for the same. I am blessed to be given those titles in the public domain and thank the people concerned. I contested Miss India as an Indian of the Gorkhan community, my mother tongue is Nepali and my nationality is Indian. Belonging to the Northeast and being Nepali origin definitely contributed to my achievements as was the case with other reality show contestants and beauty pageants.

EASTERN MIRROR: In your opinion how is the fashion scene in Northeast. Which state of Northeast would you brand as the leader in fashion?
REWATI CHETRI: Its extremely rich and varied, proper people should invest and make it a business model for survival of artisans, designers and growth of models and glamour industry in the region.
Mizo girls and models of Sikkim origin have the best orientations, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipuri and Assam designers have worked internationally so I cannot pick one state as a fashion leader.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during your stint at Femina Miss India 2015?
REWATI CHETRI: I was honoured with The FEMINA MISS INDA 2015 tiara by the Miss India Organisation Event Director a few days before the grand finale.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is Rewati Chetri’s personal style?
REWATI CHETRI: Dress as you Desire, You look Best when you Feel Best

EASTERN MIRROR: People often say that pageants mislead young girls especially. And we believe you have faced that issue as well. What positive message would you convey on it?
REWATI CHETRI: I am Fortunate enough to be blessed by very supportive siblings, a caring family, factual friends and guided by a professional managing team lead by a wonderful person. As such I cannot be mislead by any opportunities or achievements.
Message, It will sound like a formality but I must take this opportunity to thank most of aspiring models and friends across the region, nation and globe from the bottom of my heart for all the support they have given me. To all the aspiring models I would like to say if you can dream it you can definitely make it too. Work hard, be genuine and dream big. The doors of opportunity are always open. Modeling is not as easy as it looks but if you have the dedication and commitment you can definitely make it happen. I strongly believe that each one of us are here for a purpose. Even if we are not good at everything, each of us are definitely good at something. Discover what your talents are and pour your heart and soul into developing it and definitely each one of us can go a long way in our respective fields.

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