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Young Greenwood scientists mesmerize visitors with scientific prowess

By EMN Updated: Aug 18, 2013 12:09 am

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In a rare display of innovation and ingenuity, students of Greenwood Higher Secondary School of Kuda village in Dimapur mesmerized both parents and visitors alike by exhibiting various scientific research works during the school’s annual science exhibition this morning in the school auditorium. The young ‘scientists’ – beaming with confidence – displayed various scientific devices before delighted parents and visitors. They also meticulously explained the working mechanism of their projects and the envisaged purposes that can be applied to everyday life.
Pride in both the students and the parents were visible as they paraded their exhibit and perhaps their knowledge in applied sciences.
The models displayed by young scientists in today’s science exhibition included a hybrid solar car model, a working mechanism for water pumps, apparatuses for salt water current productivity, a solar cooker, a garbage disposal system, a water filtering system, a working mechanism of a missile, a wind mill, an electro magnet, a telescope as well as a design that projected the importance of conserving eco-system, among others.
Earlier, chairman of Greenwood School Rev. Keneilevi Khate exhorted the students on the importance of science in everyday life. The science exhibition initiated by the school is a positive step towards exploring deeper insights into the world of the sciences, he said. Rev. Khate was confident that the beginning offered by the science exhibition would encourage students to excel in life and etch a place ‘among the great scientists of the world.’
Nonetheless, the principal took to reminding the students that they must ‘remain connected with Jesus’ who, he said, is the source of all creativity in the universe. He advised the students to put their trust in Jesus so they would be blessed with more wisdom and knowledge.
Also, coordinator of Science and DNA Club of the school, MC Das highlighted the objective of organizing the science exhibition. The event – organized by the Science and DNA Club – is in its fourth consecutive year. He said that the exhibition is to encourage students to develop interest in the subject of the sciences and infuse scientific application in building the future.
During the inaugural function, the director of the school, Asa Khate, said the invocation. Vice Principal Uttam Basak proposed the vote of thanks. The school’s choir performed a song.
Science exhibitions provide opportunities to students to apply scientific methods to everyday needs.
Science exhibitions allow students to compete in science and relative technological applications. They also provide mechanisms for students who share a passion in the sciences to be paired with mentors from relative institutions. That way, students are exposed to – and can get access to – elaborate instructions as well as equipments which local schools many not necessarily be able to provide.

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