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Yaongyimsen believers resolve to uphold clean elections

By EMN Updated: Mar 26, 2017 8:35 pm
Audience during the clean election seminar at Yaongyimsen village on March 23.
Sections of the audience during the clean election seminar at Yaongyimsen village on March 23.


Dimapur, March 26 (EMN): Members of the Yaongyimsen Baptist Church resolved to uphold the principle of one person one vote and not to succumb to the forces of coercive methods and electoral malpractices during elections.

The resolution to this effect was taken during two-day seminar conducted on Clean Election on March 22 and 23. The members also resolved to vote for God fearing and upright candidate who has thoughtful heart for people and ability to speak and work for them selflessly.

The two-day seminar programme was organised by the Yaongyimsen Baptist Church in Mokokchung district with the senior pastor of Nagaland Christian Revival Church and Educationist Rev. Dr. Imchayanger and the Editor of Tir Yimyim, K Temjen Jamir as resource persons.

Speaking on the occasion, Rev. Dr. Imchayanger reminded the audience that God’s purpose in the creation of men was to keep earthly wealth under their control and dominance over them. He, however, observed with regret that the people of present generation has become materialistic that instead of keeping the wealth under their control they themselves allowed the love for money to have dominance over them. He said love for money is the root cause of electoral malpractices today and further cautioned the people about the adverse consequences of malpractices during elections.

While presenting his thoughts on clean election, K Temjen Jamir empathetically urged the people to understand the value of good citizen while exercising one’s own political rights. He encouraged them to make a meaningful and contributing life instead of making our lives just for living.

While sharing his feelings, Jamir said “If we think just to make a living instead of making a worthy life, we will not hesitate to sell the truth; we will face the moral bankruptcy, we will seek for monetary gain instead of wisdom and we will ask for fish instead of idea to catch the fishes.”

The two day seminar was organised for the citizens below 65 years and attended by more than two hundred people.

By EMN Updated: Mar 26, 2017 8:35:03 pm