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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

World Rabies Day 28th September Theme: Rabies: One Health Zero Death

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2022 10:43 pm

World Rabies Day the 28th September is observed globally every year to create awareness about the Rabies diseases and the need to work together to enhance prevention and various control measure. This year World Rabies Day is themed: Rabies: One Health Zero Death. The focus is on participation and collaboration from human, animal and environmental sectors towards Rabies elimination and zero death by 2030. One Health recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment. The theme focus on togetherness and unity in mind from all stakeholder, organisation, and communities NGO’s of the society to fight against the dreadful Rabies disease and to eliminate human deaths.

What is rabies in Dog? Rabies is one of the most alarming diseases of dog. It is caused by a bullet shaped virus known as Rhabdo Virus. How does the disease spread? Rabies is spread from an infected rabid dog to a healthy dog and human being through saliva, bites and scratches. What are the symptoms of rabies in dog? The symptoms of rabies in dog are change in normal behaviour, over sensitive/ alert and aggressive, restless and tend to bite without any provocation, profuse salivation, inability to take food and fear of water, in coordination of movement and paralysis of jaw, high tone bark, increased body temperature, try to search dark corners to hide, run around aimlessly.

Is rabies preventable? YES, Rabies is 100% vaccine preventable diseases. How many times does a dog need to be vaccinated? Vaccination of your dog with rabies is mandatory. Dogs need to be vaccinated at three month of age and early vaccination lifelong. At any point of time if your dog had bitten a person or any strange dog had bitten your dog immediately visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre for examination and observation of your dog to rule out any disease/ rabies condition, and if the dog happens to die during observation period, the dog should be properly buried by deep burial method for the safety of the owner and the public in general.

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