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Women’s role stressed to develop society

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2014 10:55 pm


The 3rd general session of the Aniwuzahlim Yimchungru Lliberu Arih-Ako (AYLA) Western Yimchungru Woman Organization was at Old Showuba village local ground with guest of honor Ms Nyathei Phom, lady wife of Pangnyu Phom, Industry minister on January 24.Speaking on the occasion, Ms Nythem Phom stressed on the importance to have a society and social get-togetheress to build relationship among communities and to uplift traditional culture identity. She also dwelt on the impact of women’s role in society. However, she regretted stating that ‘many women bureaucrats today don’t pay attention to the society after entering in government job’, which she said, is not exceptable to the society.
“Every person has to live in this community, so it is necessary to develop our society. The society will develop only when there is a proper person to lead people. At the present context of Nagas, societies need an intellectual and bureaucrats that would lead better society to live for the greater interest of the Nagas”, she said.
She also advised the Naga women not to marry non-locals stating that it would only shatter the future of comimg generation. “Before it is too late, let’s collectively spread the message to our upcoming youngsters not to take false decision in such a way,” she stated.
Ealier, the programme begun with an invocation by Mis Tsuyimla, women pastor SBC, welcome addressed by Ms Ajila Kiri V/president AYLA, exhort by Ms Alemla Throngso, special number was present by Chumukidima AYLA unit & Showuba AYLA unit and vote of thanks pronounce by Ms Khetoni Mure, with mass prayer concluded the session.

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2014 10:55:38 pm