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Village withdraws suspension of two-lane construction works

By EMN Updated: Sep 26, 2019 12:37 am

Dimapur, Sep. 25 (EMN): A village in Phek district has withdrawn a ‘suspension’ that it had imposed on a construction company following issues concerning the two-lane Chakhabama-Zunheboto road. The notice was lifted after appeals from the district administration and a community group, updates stated.

The village council and development board of Thenyizu village issued a press release to the media on Wednesday stating that it had withdrawn the notice of suspension.

The council stated: “The village council of Thenyizu under Phek district through which the ongoing mega project of two-lane Chakhabama-Zunheboto road under SARDP crossed 18 kms of their land have withdrawn the suspension of Shivalaya Contruction Pvt. Ltd., two lane works under their jurisdiction as a result of the behest and appealed (sic) made by and district administration and the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) with immediate effect.”

The press release informed about a joint meeting that was conducted in the village council hall between the CPO officials and Thenyizu village authority on 25th of Sept. Thenyizu village highlighted their grievances for resorting to the suspension of said work, and the ‘media hype defamation of the village name by the said construction company.’

With assurance from the CPO officials that the grievances will be taken care of, the village authority have agreed to lift the ban in the best interest of the ongoing development activities in their jurisdiction for the benefits of all without any further hindrance, the press release stated.

The village’s authority that during the ‘period of abandonment’ of the mega project “after the reckless and unscrupulous earth cutting works of the Mytas-Gayatri Company,” the matter had been neglected.

‘Under these circumstances and having no options, Thenyizu village single-handedly managed and maintained this road into a running condition from their own ends, hiring and using their own machineries for removing mudslides and landslides, clearance of drainage, deploying innumerable days of manual labourers for way-side cutting and clearance, and even renovation of susceptible collapse of bridge for the past four years from 2014-18 for the benefits of all those who traverse through this road.’

The village’s authority has appealed that the district administration and Highway authorities of the Nagaland government to take note of the villagers’ genuine grievances and “give befitting recognition of our selfless services rendered for the welfare of the public during such periods of devastation of this road project,” the press release stated.


By EMN Updated: Sep 26, 2019 12:37:34 am