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Travel restriction threatens Dimapur airport operation

By Our Reporter Updated: Apr 16, 2020 3:26 pm

Our Reporter
Dimapur, April 15 (EMN): The staff of Dimapur airport may not be directly dealing with the Covid-19 patients but they have to maintain and ensure that the airport functions amid the coronavirus pandemic, especially when IAF aircrafts keep flying in and out of the state to deliver medical supplies. However, this has become a challenge due to travel restrictions imposed by various village councils.

The director of Dimapur Airport, Mughavi Zhimo, told Eastern Mirror that keeping the airport functioning and running was difficult as many of the staff have to travel from outside the airport.

“Many of the staff need to come from outside for cleaning the airport, critical things like electrical and water supply; all the important technical people,” informed Zhimo, adding that most of them were restricted to leave their colonies by village councils.

Zhimo shared that the airport was akin to a government where various people from different lines of work are needed. ‘From sweepers to plumbers to civil engineers, workers are required here to function but when they are not allowed to come to the airport, how will the system function? Everything will collapse,” Zhimo said.

“We are all frontline workers in a way, not necessarily dealing with Covid-19 patients but

we have to go out to do all these things; our village council and village residents should

understand (that),” shared Zhimo.

He informed that there were around 50-60 staff who are already staying in the airport premises and another 40-50 are yet to come to the airport from various locations.

“This is the difficulty we are facing; if these people are not allowed to come to the airport,

how will we provide services,” said Zhimo.

Further, a source from the airport informed that the staff were being provided only face masks and hand sanitisers, and that there no sufficient safety equipment, which was necessary considering that they would be the first people to come in contact with those coming from other outside the state.

“Once the airlines start functioning, we hope that there will be safety equipment and supplies provided to the staff as we will be the first ones coming in contact with travellers coming from outside once the lockdown is lifted,” said the source.

By Our Reporter Updated: Apr 16, 2020 3:26:24 pm