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Transformation of our Nation

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Ambrose.J. Chakre

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 1st John 3:11
A message once heard can easily be forgotten but a truth once conceived will always be there to stay. It is with our mind that we plot evil, and it will be by our actions that we will be condemned. The evils of our acts results in the birth of more evil and the acts of our evil intercourse with sinners further fumes the fire of evil in our nation. Too much had been said and too much had been written. And unless we fulfill our spoken and written words, we will be crucified with sinners because of our acts of hypocrisy, lying and deception. It is with our mind that we think and it will be by our sins that we will be condemned.The birth of our nation resulted through the sexual intercourse of a man and a woman and the identity of our real parents ( Flesh ) are still a mystery. No one knows them. No one has seen them. But we exist because of what they did to conceive us. If they had mated in love we would have been born in love but since they mated in lust we have a tendency to lust, to sin and to think evil. If the truths set before you does not satisfy you, no other women can satisfy you as much as the wife of your life. It is a truth which is hard to digest and the powers of it are not easily accessible. However, the moment it is accessed, we will begin to have answers to the unexplained mysteries and controversies.
No parents on earth will ever want their children to grow in sin but every sensual couple tends to desire pleasure more than their love for their kids. It is an error which needs to be corrected and a mystery which needs to be solved. There has been too much chaos and too much killings in this land of Christ and unless the evils of it are wiped out, the whole nation will be annihilated because of these evils. The evils in our nation can be likened to the body of a dead sinner whose ghost goes about creating chaos and confusion in every place of filth and sin. Every baby we produce are as lovable as ice-cream is to children but lest we take heed, the little angels of today will become the big demons of tomorrow. The little children who grew up liking ice-cream can grow up liking sin if they are left abandoned in the houses of sinners. This is explicit and it is exactly what you think.
This is now the time for the matured to act maturely lest the future of our children be destroyed because of our immaturity. This continuing political and moral crisis in our nation has been responsible in causing the deaths of so many sinful sinners. It is with the gun that they kill and it is with the gun that they get killed. There can be no reconciliation without repentance and there will be no repentance without conviction. If there be no conviction in us, the powers of death shall brutally chop off our heads while we sleep in the sinners bed. This brutal illustration is meant for brutal traitors who sins and sleeps with the enemies of our nation. If any of our sons and daughters dares aligns themselves with the aliens, the inheritance which are due to them will be given to another. Think of this and lose not your soul and your inheritance. God has not called us to love sin but He has called us to love Him even as we love each other. The organizations which signed the accord of peace signed it because of their desire for it. However the acts of these political sinners has left so many lovers unsatisfied and the future acts of these sinners will also be unpredictable as their stance of the present. The truth that needs to be told to this generation is that the stance of our political and spiritual leaders had been void of the truth because they did not sign it with the truth in them. A bitter truth which needs to be repeated is that bitter pills are hard to swallow and the unless the sick swallows it, the nature of their stubbornness will sicken the healthy. Even as some sinners linger on these confused statements, the little life which is in them will awaken the whole army to the ways of God. Let no child say, my father was a liar, he lied and died. Let no daughter say, my mother was a cheat, she cheated and got cheated. God affirmatively states in His Word that we are not to love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth ( 1st John 3:18 ). This reminds me of the truth and even as I read and write this, I am reminded of the powers that comes with it. Let not the papers be signed in deception but let it be signed in love and in truth. If this truth is rejected and salvation ignored, the sins inside you will ultimately torment you in the next hell. Hell is not where you should be and you will not be in it if you live by the truth. The Holy Word of the Truth compassionately states “ Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will ( Romans 12:2 ). This is the legacy we are creating and we expect you to seek more of the truth so that the truth in you may increase. Think not of the guns or the bombs. Think of God and be secured in Him. Even when we carry guns we are still Christians. And Christians do not kill. And even when we lie, we are still Christians. And Christians do not lie. However, if we kill and lie, we will be killed and destroyed by it. Think of this and lose not your soul. The power that raised Jesus Christ from the death will crucify you if you repent not of your sins. The choice is ours and the guns are in our hands and its what we do with it, which will determine where we spend eternity. A single bullet can send our enemies to hell and a gentle pull on the trigger can condemn us in the end. This is not the end but these are the signs of the end. These are the signs of love of the last days. Accept it and be secured in it. The hands are on the trigger. These are the bullets of conviction of the last days. Be hit by it and be saved by it. This is God’s power at its best. God loves sinners.
Founder President
Ambrose Foundation in Christ Ministries
Kohima Nagaland

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