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Transformation Crusade III: Reinforcing spiritual warfare

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 12:22 am


The third phase of Transformation Crusade will begin on January 15 at the Local Ground, Kohima, and will continue till January 26. Addressing a press conference here in the state capital on Monday, senior pastor Koinonia Baptist Church, Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo said the purpose of the crusade is to bring revival in Kohima. He said that the Transformation Crusade first began with the intention to deal with Satanism through prayer, that “evil may not engulf Kohima”. Stating that many satanic worshippers have been delivered, yet, he asserted, the influence is still around. Rev. Zotuo explained that the crusade will also deal the issue of influence of western culture on the moral lives of the present generation.
Faith Harvest Church, Kohima pastor, Shan Kikon, who was also present at the press conference, said that last year’s crusade was a success and he believed in the awakening and the work of the Holy Spirit among the people of Nagaland. He said that the crusade is for the people of all walks of life and all religions. “I believe that there is an awakening in Nagaland and this fire that spreads from Kohima will engulf the whole of Nagaland,” Kikon said. He opined that Satanism comes in different forms, however in the recent times, the influence of “western Satanism” which has been on a high, is a deeper form.
Convenor of the crusade organising committee, Khotuo Yaotsu reflected on the revival movement in the 70’s and how it failed to produce bigger results because of the lack in proper knowledge in sustaining the movement as well as mixed responses of the people. He said the movement could have borne more fruits if the people had been receptive to it and acknowledged the ones who brought forth the movement.
Flames of Fire Church pastor, Ruokuolhoulie Solo also shared his experiences with Satanism and how, in 2009, he began dealing with satanic worshippers by counselling them and preaching about deliverance from Satanism through his studies on demonology. He also said that on the evening of December 25, a satanic worshipper came to his church and warned against holding the crusade.
Meanwhile, a girl of Class 10 who claimed to be a former satanic worshipper gave her testimonial and stated that after failing her Class VIII exams she went through depression. She narrated that during this period; she joined a satanic worshipping group after a shadow visited her one night and invited her to join them. She said that she decided to go for deliverance during the first Transformation crusade, like many of her friends, but was stopped by the shadow. Saying she was later exposed and delivered after the waves of the crusade engulfed Kohima, the young girl expressed gratitude towards the preachers for being steadfast in their commitment in their warfare against Satanism.
Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, pastor Shan Kikon, Rev. D.L. Sanchu, Rev. Vevozo Khamo and pastor Ruokuolhoulie Solo will be the main speakers at the forthcoming third phase of Transformation Crusade.
It may be mentioned that the Transformation Crusade began early 2013 in Kohima when stories about growth of satanic worshipping, particularly among the youth, went viral. The crusade, which was attended by hundreds of people, most of them being young boys and girls, received mixed opinions from the masses. While some people believed, some were sceptical and dismissed the stories as mere rumours.

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